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Review: “The Absence” by itSELF

The roots of itSELF go back as far as 2005 when Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Falon, now know for his work in both Sinister and Belphegor met drummer Estevan Furlan, their ambitions in Death Metal for the project huge. However things ground to a halt in 2013 with life getting in the way of perpetual forward motion

NEWS: itSELF discuss Chernobyl with “Voices Of The Unheard”!

itSELF, a supergroup featuring members and former members of Sinister, Belphegor, The Monolith Deathcult, Obsidious, Obscura and Psycroptic are joined by Helle Bogdanova of Ignea fame for “Voices Of The Unheard“, a second single from their upcoming new album “The Absence“. A song that runs deep on themes of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, it was

Playthrough: “The Verdict” from itSELF!

Now comprising a collection of seasoned veteran musicians known for their work in Sinister, Belphegor, The Monolith Deathcult, Obsidious, Obscura and Psycroptic, the return of itSELF is set for 26th May with “The Absence“. An album of eight vicious cuts, first single “The Verdict” has been given a guitar playthrough video…

NEWS: itSELF return with an all star Death Metal guest list!

Fourteen years after their debut album “Make My Heart Suffer” the return of itSELF is set for 26th May with “The Absence“. Formed in 2005 by Ricardo Falcon (known for his work as a session musician recording bass and guitars for Death Metal legends Sinister and touring as a session guitarist with Belphegor for 150

Playthrough: “Into the Unknown” from HYL!

HYL, a new Italian and Polish Black Metal act featuring musicians known for their work in Black Altar, Ofermod, Schizo and Krigere Wolf are set to release their debut album via Odium Records on 20th March. A six track affair, the band have shared so far just one cut in “Into the Unknown” in lyric

NEWS: HYL announce themselves with “Into The Unknown”!

Odium Records has announced the debut album of a new Black Metal act called HYL titled “Where Emptiness is All” will be released on 20th March. Available for pre-order here the band will be far from a mystery for genre lovers as it comprises vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod), guitarist and bassist Rick “R.C.” Costantino

Playthrough: Full set from Suffocation at Brutal Assault!

It seems like eternity since we saw a dedicated drum cam full set worthy of note but this one from courtesy of Drummers From Hell that sees Suffocation sticksman Eric Morotti tear his way through the likes of “Pierced From Within“, “Your Last Breaths” and “Infecting the Crypts” at Brutal Assault open air Festival in

NEWS: Belphegor and Suffocation co-headlining in March!

…with a new album around the corner Austrian Extreme Metallers Belphegor have announced a second co-headlining European tour trek of the week. The first will take place as 2021 draws to a close with Batushka while “Europe Under Black Death Metal Fire II” will start in February 2022 with American Death Metal veterans Suffocation, Hate and

Review: “Varþnaþer” by Åskog

Eight months ago, back in October, a three track demo, the first release from a newly formed Black Metal duo residing in Vänersborg, Sweden landed on our desk as they were shopping for labels and looking to give us a glimpse of what their barren World would look like when they finished the full length

NEWS: Belphegor to reign terror on Europe in November!

Austrian Extreme Metallers Belphegor have announced a co-headlining European tour trek with Polish Black Metallers Batushka in November which will coincide with the release of an as yet unnamed and undated album from Belphegor via Nuclear Blast. Announced by The Flaming Arts agency, the tour is called “Black Rituals” tour and will commence on 10th November