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Bootleg: Sumerian Records recap The Summer Slaughter Tour 2007!

Sumerian Records have rewound the clock to 2007 and given us an epic 72 minutes of pro-shot footage from that summer’s incarnation of The Summer Slaughter Tour which saw performances from Necrophagist, Decapitated, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, Ion Dissonance, The Faceless, Beneath The Massacre and A Blood Runs Black. The show took place at The

Review: “Life In The City” by Demise Of The Crown

Montreal Quebec Canada residents Demise of the Crown recorded their self-titled debut album in early 2015 at Uplift studios with Slaves on Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine guitarist. A combination of Metal styles that seamlessly cross the decade before it’s writing with a modern edge and classic roots it’s a fine piece of work. This time

Review: “Unlimited Energy” by Karmatik

Nominated at the Gala GAMIQ in the “Best Metal Album 2019” category eventually won by “Angry Undead” by The Flaying and with Mixing and mastering at The Grid Studio by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Beyond Creation) the sophomore album from Quebec Canada residents Karmatik is a critically acclaimed beast from May.

Playthrough: “Thy Menacing Gaze” from Inferi!

Inferi are a American melodic Death Metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed 13 years ago in 2006 and will join Archspire, Beneath The Massacre and Vulvodynia upon our shores on the European leg of Tech Trek, with landing craft hitting London on 2nd December. Sticksman Spencer Moore smashes out of

Playthrough: “Condemned Assailant” from Inferi!

Inferi will be joining Archspire, Beneath the Massacre and Vulvodynia on the European leg of Tech Trek in December and so Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low have picked up their Kiesel and ESP guitars and recorded a playthrough for “Condemned Assailant” from “Revenant”. Get your tickets.

Playthrough: “Cursed Unholy” from Inferi!

December will see Inferi join Tech Trek with Archspire, Beneath the Massacre and¬†Vulvodynia upon our shores. To celebrate, bassist Andrew Kim has picked up his 5 string and recorded a playthrough of “Cursed Unholy” from “End Of An Era | Rebirth”.

NEWS: Inferi are both Cursed and Unholy…

From the bowls of Nashville Tennessee come Inferi and with them they being Melodic Death Metal with crushing technicality. You can witness their destruction when they join Archspire, Beneath The Massacre and Vulvodynia upon our shores for a run of dates in December. They’ve dropped a music video for “Cursed Unholy” from “The End Of