Review: “Life In The City” by Demise Of The Crown

Montreal Quebec Canada residents Demise of the Crown recorded their self-titled debut album in early 2015 at Uplift studios with Slaves on Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine guitarist. A combination of Metal styles that seamlessly cross the decade before it’s writing with a modern edge and classic roots it’s a fine piece of work. This time out, Darren Beadman (Vocals), Manuel Iradian (Lead Guitarist), Kevin Alexander (Drums), Simon Doiron (Bass) and Vince Doiron (Guitar) have tapped up Cryptopsy guitarist Chris Donaldson, the man behind releases from The Agonist, Ingested and Beneath The Massacre to handle the mixing and mastering.

The quality of the mixing and mastering on “Life In The City” is apparent from the very start of the record, as is the reasoning for the reputation of Demise Of The Crown crossing Metal sub genres that are oceans apart effortlessly within each song. Opening cut “Dying Heat” sees vocalist Darren Beadman at his storytelling finest with some real Bruce Dickinson moments while the music flows from some heavier end riffage, through to some Iron Maiden and back again with the prowess of a Lion in the wild. “Sparks Fly” builds the theatrics with some Mushroomhead esq vocal harmonies, groovy riffs and flamboyant leads that bring an undercurrent of Power Metal to a track that is catching and energetic. “Gatekeeper” surprises with a smattering of double kick drum work and blast beats from Alexander that is nothing short of jaw dropping and with those blistering solos continuing throughout, the talent of Demise Of The Crown beggars belief. Beadman does over do things a little bit vocally at times, trying to cram in a little too much in places but his striking techniques and surprisingly unique tone and range keep things interesting. He changes up and down the register from lyrical phrase to lyrical phrase and sometimes less is more. “My Mind Is Free” has some Arabian Nights atmosphere to it and the programmed introduction elements add sheen and polish to ripper of a cut. Loaded with creativity in the riff department, there is a theatrical quality and showmanship to the bands craft that seems to bring out the best in each of the players and there are cuts like this one that could happily go on the another verse and chorus section if the band wanted to do it.

There is a lot crammed into each track high octane track which gives the record serious longevity. It’s one you’re going to want to listen to over and over because there is so much going on that each listen is rewarding with something else popping out of the woodwork. “Wild Life” is a fine example of that with a blistering Death Metal passage that drops off into a piano section before building back up into a Guns n’ Roses esq solo to finish. “The Immortal” could be retitled “Empires” and somehow manages to be a sign-a-long anthem, a play as fast as you can and a circle pit call to arms all wrapped up in less than 4 minutes and completely effortlessly stylish. Stepping out of that into “The Glorious Life” into a harder hitting rhythmic pattern of headbangable riffs and frenetic energy, it’s both fierce and a incredibly good fun. “The Rise & The Fall” has a country twang to it in the introductory riffs but ends up being more of a Southern Hostility styled affair with fretboards being worked in such a way that Iradian and Doiron make other perfectly good guitarists look lazy. Each song is rooted in all basic human emotions; anger, lust, depression, happiness, death or even revenge and the veil on each theme is wonderfully thin.

Fixated” could be part two of “The Rise & The Fall“, as it occupies similar territory in structure and flow neatly into each other with some serious judder in the arpeggio bridge riffs and a powerful chorus that has anthem written all over it. “Lightning Strikes” has the same rise and fall as it cuts from the melody of the bold chorus to the powerful rhymic battering of the verse and ends up sounding immense. Indeed if they are able to top the album performance live then you’re in for the show of your life. Closing on the title track and keeping it strictly all killer no filler is what the doctor ordered and Demise Of The Crown do not disappoint. “Life In The City” gallops through like a thoroughbred race horse and leaves lesser bands trampled in the dust. Soloing into and out of a breakdown section is masterfully done and by the end you’ll be left breathless [8.5/10]

Track Listing

1. Dying Heat (3:50)
2. Sparks Fly (4:02)
3. Gatekeeper (4:08)
4. My Mind Is Free (4:06)
5. Wild Life (4:07)
6. The Immortal (3:40)
7. Glorious Life (3:21)
8. The Rise & The Fall (4:00)
9. Fixated (3:46)
10. Lightning Strikes (4:04)
11. Life In The City (4:29)

Life In The City” by Demise Of The Crown is out now and is available via bandcamp

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