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Review: “Succumb To Madness” by Napalm Ted

Caught in a violent storm between the realms of Death Metal, Grindcore, D-Beat and Hardcore Punk, the music of Napalm Ted knows no borders or boundaries as it emanates from the morbid wastelands of North Finland. A growing concern since 2015, the trio comprise Jani “Han Ted” Kuorikoski (Depth Beyond One’s, Godlesson, Haapoja) on drums, vocals

NEWS: Napalm Ted enjoy a final supper?

Finland Deathgrind mercenaries Napalm Ted have premiered a music video for “The Meal” from their third album “Succumb into Madness“. The record itself features two guest appearances with Tuomas Laurila of Blåådpalt fame dropping a solo and Tuomas Alatalo (Haapoja, Revulsion, Vedet) adding death growls so if you like what you hear, the album is

NEWS: Napalm Ted swim in cemetery waters…

Creators of Grinding-death from the morbid wastelands of North Finland since 2015, the almighty Napalm Ted have announced a new album is on the way in “Succumb into Madness” and are offering cassette tapes and compact discs for pre-order over bandcamp. However the date the record will drop is still TBC despite those pre-orders suggesting

Review: “Caedite Eos” by Blåådpalt

It’s been a long hard road out of hell for Blåådpalt with line up changes seemingly the root cause of their tooth decay. The Oulu Finland natives first appeared on the scene in 2017 and rose to prominence in 2020 with a debut album in “Sliced To Perfection” that delivers a brutal interpretation of Death

NEWS: Blåådpalt return with “Martyrdom 101”!

Having survived being sliced to perfection in February 2020, Finnish Death Metal act Blåådpalt are to continue their co-operation with Inverse Records by releasing an EP titled “Caedite Eos” on 1st June. That has been preceded by “Martyrdom 101” in lyric video form as one of six new cuts to make the grade ahead of

Documentary: Is Metal Shocking Anymore?

The topic for discussion this week from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf  “Is Metal Shocking Anymore?” is an interesting one. For us, the shock value is typically in the visuals, lyrics or interviews that a band conduct or create rather than within the musical fold itself. Back in 1999 when Slipknot first appeared on the scene

Review: “Sliced To Perfection” by Blåådpalt

Formed in 2017 in Oulu Finland, Sami Kärkkäinen (vocals), Tuomas Laurila (guitar), Kimmo Viinamäki (guitar), Harri Finni (bass) and Panu Lyytikäinen (drums) chose the name Blåådpalt for their band, a vehicle to deliver a brutal interpretation of Metal about their favourite subject. Blood. Opening track “Corpse” orientates around a solid Death Metal Groove Metal sound

NEWS: Blåådpalt beg for “Eradication”!

Blåådpalt are going to get “Sliced To Perfection” via Finnish label Inverse Records on 28th February and following debut single “God Of Razorblade” the band are now sharing another cut. That would be “Eradication” with the Thrash tinged Death Metallers album available for pre-order here  

NEWS: Blåådpalt sharpen the blade!

Brutal Finnish Death Metallers Blåådpalt are set to release their debut album “Sliced To Perfection” on 28th February via Inverse Records with a bloody music video for their first single “God Of Razorblade” accompanying the details. Having formed in the city of Oulu in 2017 it’s the combination of 3 years work. The band comments: