Documentary: Is Metal Shocking Anymore?

The topic for discussion this week from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf  “Is Metal Shocking Anymore?” is an interesting one. For us, the shock value is typically in the visuals, lyrics or interviews that a band conduct or create rather than within the musical fold itself. Back in 1999 when Slipknot first appeared on the scene they were everywhere and it was the masks or the interviews or rants from Corey Taylor in Rock Sound that we saw before we heard any actual music. That shock factor held intrigue which drew Metal Heads to check out the music and the rest is history. Does Metal as a whole have that? It probably never has. Some bands have it and some don’t. Vein for example have a very ordinary, Metal Heads chilling out look to them but then make some abrasive sounds. So is that the shock? That they don’t sound like they look the first time you push play? Some bands have a tongue in cheek humour to some bands asthetic or a knowing, self aware one. The bloodstained video for “God Of Razorblade” by Blåådpalt is a great video a fantastic track and still has that edge. Watch on brethren.

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