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Documentary: 5x Unpopular Metal Opinions!

The latest in Canadian Black Metal Werewolf’s long running Metal social commentary series sees him talk through 5 Unpopular Metal Opinions while providing us with the recommendation of “The Witch Of The North” by Burning Witches to relax and lighten the mood to. You simply can’t argue with logic and reasoning and this man separates

Documentary: The Metal Bro Code with Black Metal Werewolf!

After a short period of relative quiet the inevitable return of Black Metal Werewolf is a welcome one. The Canadian celebrates Abbath while talking about the Ten Commandments of Metal that is The Metal Bro Code. For our money, turning up to on time to a show so your Metal Bro doesn’t have to wait

Documentary: “The Devil Guitar” with Black Metal Werewolf!

The campfire tales of headless corpses might get a little bit old halfway down a bottle of Wild Turkey but the this eerie haunting number from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf as he retells the tale of Patrick Cross and his “Devil Guitar” certainly doesn’t. Why? Because it’s a little bit psychological and a little bit

Documentary: Metal Intervention with Black Metal Werewolf!

In an hilarious alternative to his usual in-depth philosophical discussion pieces, this week Black Metal Werewolf goes tongue in cheek and describes Metal as an addiction, playing the role of an addict and getting some of his Canadia friends on board for a “Metal Intervention“. Do we need a break from our love of Metal?

Documentary: Me{n}tal Heath with Black Metal Werewolf!

When s*** gets real and life gets tough, turn off the news and turn up the music. That’s been our mantra throughout the Great Plague and it’s worked like a charm, boosting Mental Health with a plentiful supply of headbangable riffs landing on Planet Metal from a wealth of seriously good bands. In the latest

Documentary: Would You Give Up Metal?

Our friend Mr Dillion otherwise known as Black Metal Werewolf has been asking the important questions and bringing the discussion points to the table for as long as we can remember while also offering up some really interesting recommendations. This time out he discusses what would make a Metal Head give up listening to Metal

Documentary: Rebellious Metal Phase?

Along with the recommendation of “Eonian” by Dimmu Borgir, Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses the idea that outsiders see Metal Heads as going through a rebellious phase by listening to music that’s on the darker side. For our money Heavy Metal is not just for teenagers going through a rebellious phase, but the thinking person’s

Documentary: Do They Really Hate Metal?

While giving us the recommendation of “The Affair of Poisons” by Hellripper, a Blackend Thrash offering that explores the dark and insidious underworld of Witchcraft, this week our Canadian friend Black Metal Werewolf is asking the question “Do they really hate metal“? Hate is a strong word and people often fear what they do not

Documentary: Do You Need Metal Friends?

Canadian Black Metal Werewolf asks the question “Do You Need Metal Friends?” in his latest video as he asks if we need to consider people’s taste in music before forming friendships or relationships. For our part, if the question is can you be friends with someone who isn’t into Metal, then the answer is yes,

Documentary: Metal Conspiracy Theories!

It’s been a long chalk but Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has returned to his long running and slow burning “Metal Conspiracies” season this week and explaining how the myth of Big Foot has more to do with Black Metal than you would imagine. So when you’ve finished smoking a phat one and playing the role