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Documentary: Metalheads Anonymous?

When was the last time that someone asked you when you were going to grow up, get a sensible haircut, quit your band and get a sensible job or stop wearing band merch? Metal isn’t simply a music genre, it’s a way of life, a lifestyle choice and… Who wants to grow up anyway? There

Documentary: Creepy Canada…

The second of a series of Halloween discussion pieces from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf sees him switch from unpopular opinions to strange and mysterious goings on in his native lands, where wolves can tear you limb from limb as fast as bears can just because you set foot on their scent marked territory. He may

Documentary: Unpopular Opinions: Halloween Edition!

It’s been a minute since Canadian Black Metal Werewolf started a Wild Turkey fuelled debate around a camp fire but if there is as good a time as any, it has to be as Halloween approaches. This time out he goes off the deep end into the asphalt on everything from low budget slasher films

Documentary: Stopping The Spread Of Metal?

Recommending “Svartrvior” by Swedish Viking Metal act King Of Asgard, the latest documentary from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses people who treat the spread of Metal like that of an infectious disease and will do anything to stop it, which is ironic given the current state of World address. The Metal community is like a

Documentary: Unpopular Metal Opinions with Black Metal Werewolf!

Recommending 2019’s “When The World Becomes Undone” by A Pale Horse Named Death, this week Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has offered up a video that discusses viewers Unpopular Metal Opinions based on the comments from a previous video and damn but there are some real shockers in here. If a non Metal head wears a

Documentary: Tribalism with Black Metal Werewolf!

“Hear the drums, they come from the sea, Bring the tribal spirit on me, Cause my pride and my roots I believe, No, this tribe you can’t take it from me”   The latest burnt offering from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf talks about the tribalistic behaviour of fellow Metal Heads without mentioning the obvious tenuous

Documentary: Forcing Metal onto Kids?

While recommending 2017’s “Black Eyed Children” by Swedish proto Power Metal six piece Astral Doors, this week Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses Metal Head parents who force metal onto their kids. It’s a curious topic and with Sons of Anarchy on the TV and father blasting Pantera while mother sings along to Nightwish, how could

Documentary: 5x Unpopular Metal Opinions!

The latest in Canadian Black Metal Werewolf’s long running Metal social commentary series sees him talk through 5 Unpopular Metal Opinions while providing us with the recommendation of “The Witch Of The North” by Burning Witches to relax and lighten the mood to. You simply can’t argue with logic and reasoning and this man separates

Documentary: The Metal Bro Code with Black Metal Werewolf!

After a short period of relative quiet the inevitable return of Black Metal Werewolf is a welcome one. The Canadian celebrates Abbath while talking about the Ten Commandments of Metal that is The Metal Bro Code. For our money, turning up to on time to a show so your Metal Bro doesn’t have to wait

Documentary: “The Devil Guitar” with Black Metal Werewolf!

The campfire tales of headless corpses might get a little bit old halfway down a bottle of Wild Turkey but the this eerie haunting number from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf as he retells the tale of Patrick Cross and his “Devil Guitar” certainly doesn’t. Why? Because it’s a little bit psychological and a little bit