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Documentary: Are Metal Heads “Anti-Conformist”?

For many Moons, we have howled and begged for a satisfaction to the blood lust that is all consuming… oh wait. Wrong article. In this new video, Canadian legend Black Metal Werewolf discusses whether or not metalheads make a conscious or subconscious decision to be anti-conformists. Is it in our DNA? Everyone who likes something

Documentary: The Price of Metal?

Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has dropped another insightful commentary, this time on the subject of the price of Metal. He’s not talking about the currency we all hand over to follow our favourite bands here but the social aspects of how people who aren’t into Metal treat you once they find out you’re not in

Documentary: A Metalhead’s Summer Survival Guide!

…with a tongue in cheek sense of humour, Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has shared his tips for staying cool as a Metalhead in Summer, including the essential listening that is Immortal, in your need to beat the heat. The Gentleman is also selling some patches so if you’ve got a denim jacket with free space

Documentary: Ask Not The Gatekeeper

It’s Sunday so it must be time for another episode from Black Metal Werewolf. The Canadian Metal Head’s weekly insights are intriguing to say the least and having seen this one… We’ve all heard of a “gateway band”, perhaps a more commercial act who then open your neural networks to a style or sub-genre of

Documentary: Reasons to hate Metal?

Why would some people intentionally make up reasons to hate Metal? Some people hate what they don’t understand. Those people usually know nothing about what they’re hating on. After all, Metal is a broad church and the sounds of Linkin Park are as incomparable with Dimmu Borgir as Meshuggah. So in this latest episode, Canadian

Documentary: Is Metal Shocking Anymore?

The topic for discussion this week from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf  “Is Metal Shocking Anymore?” is an interesting one. For us, the shock value is typically in the visuals, lyrics or interviews that a band conduct or create rather than within the musical fold itself. Back in 1999 when Slipknot first appeared on the scene

Documentary: Metal for Attention?!

Music soothes the savage beast, but does that beast need to wear it’s badge of pride for the attention of others? Do us Metalheads wear our band branded tees or patch covered jackets and tattoos like some kind of tribal war paint to strike fear into the hearts of those who see us on public