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Documentary: Rebellious Metal Phase?

Along with the recommendation of “Eonian” by Dimmu Borgir, Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses the idea that outsiders see Metal Heads as going through a rebellious phase by listening to music that’s on the darker side. For our money Heavy Metal is not just for teenagers going through a rebellious phase, but the thinking person’s

Documentary: Do They Really Hate Metal?

While giving us the recommendation of “The Affair of Poisons” by Hellripper, a Blackend Thrash offering that explores the dark and insidious underworld of Witchcraft, this week our Canadian friend Black Metal Werewolf is asking the question “Do they really hate metal“? Hate is a strong word and people often fear what they do not

Documentary: Do You Need Metal Friends?

Canadian Black Metal Werewolf asks the question “Do You Need Metal Friends?” in his latest video as he asks if we need to consider people’s taste in music before forming friendships or relationships. For our part, if the question is can you be friends with someone who isn’t into Metal, then the answer is yes,

Documentary: Metal Conspiracy Theories!

It’s been a long chalk but Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has returned to his long running and slow burning “Metal Conspiracies” season this week and explaining how the myth of Big Foot has more to do with Black Metal than you would imagine. So when you’ve finished smoking a phat one and playing the role

Documentary: Nature Vs Nurture!

This week Canadian Heavy Metal YouTuber that is Black Metal Werewolf, the King of discussion points, asks the question of how one becomes a Metal Head and if it’s by nature or nurture. Didn’t someone once say we’re all the creation of our genes and our experiences? Isn’t everyone’s journey to riff city different?

Documentary: Are Metal Heads “Anti-Conformist”?

For many Moons, we have howled and begged for a satisfaction to the blood lust that is all consuming… oh wait. Wrong article. In this new video, Canadian legend Black Metal Werewolf discusses whether or not metalheads make a conscious or subconscious decision to be anti-conformists. Is it in our DNA? Everyone who likes something

Documentary: The Price of Metal?

Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has dropped another insightful commentary, this time on the subject of the price of Metal. He’s not talking about the currency we all hand over to follow our favourite bands here but the social aspects of how people who aren’t into Metal treat you once they find out you’re not in

Documentary: A Metalhead’s Summer Survival Guide!

…with a tongue in cheek sense of humour, Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has shared his tips for staying cool as a Metalhead in Summer, including the essential listening that is Immortal, in your need to beat the heat. The Gentleman is also selling some patches so if you’ve got a denim jacket with free space