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Documentary: Metalhead Arrogance from Black Metal Werewolf!

After the Halloween season and alongside the  recommendation of “The Great Heathen Army” from Amon Amarth comes a fresh documentary from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf about Metalhead Arrogance and how people take their love of something to the nth degree. The kind of featurette that will leave you to question your surroundings and pause for

Documentary: Terms According to Metalheads?

Another weekend, another intriguing documentary from Canadian theorist Black Metal Werewolf. This time out it’s all about understanding the terms we use from day to day in what you might term Metal slang. We all do it, think someone knows what the hell we’re talking about when we say “did you get in your blues

Documentary: Making Metalhead Friends with Black Metal Werewolf!

While recommending one that we recommend ourselves in “Crypt Of Ice” by Death Metal overlords Frozen Soul, in his documentary this week Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses the possible pitfalls of seeking only Metalhead Friends. Which could be just as risky as seeking only a Metalhead lover. As ever an insightful discussion, its a well thought

Documentary: Black Metal Werewolf retraces his Metal Roots!

Ask any self respecting Metal Head and they will tell you that Metal is a lifestyle choice as much as anything else, whether it be as a listener, a musician, a reader or a live show attendee, each element going hand in hand. Some of us started with Indie, moved to Rock and then found

Documentary: Defenders Of The Faith!

Armed with a recommendation for a band that commands some attention in Hexenklad Heathenheart, Canadian documentary maker extrodinare Black Metal Werewolf returns to discuss just how far us Metal Heads are prepared to go in defending our love of the dark art of Heavy Metal. Truth be told there will always be a moment where

Documentary: Better Living Through Metal

Damn straight. Canadian Black Metal Werewolf returns to our small screens with insightful video about how being a Metal Head has had a positive impact on his life while recommending Hecate Enthroned Virulent Rapture to add to your 9-5 daily grind playlists next week. If you asked us what the best part of being a Metal