Review: “Sliced To Perfection” by Blåådpalt

Formed in 2017 in Oulu Finland, Sami Kärkkäinen (vocals), Tuomas Laurila (guitar), Kimmo Viinamäki (guitar), Harri Finni (bass) and Panu Lyytikäinen (drums) chose the name Blåådpalt for their band, a vehicle to deliver a brutal interpretation of Metal about their favourite subject. Blood. Opening track “Corpse” orientates around a solid Death Metal Groove Metal sound with a Kärkkäinen delivering some blood curdling, gravel gargling vocals that show off a decent amount of range. Bark, bite and growl, he has it all in his armoury. A choice solo and we’re off to a headbangable flyer. Second single “Eradication” has Thrash leaning influences and lyrical themes with another blistering solo a real rocket. Do other bands known that the Whammy bar exists? Kärkkäinen’s vocals maybe too much for some Thrash fans but it sounds pretty damn good and ugly with some perfectly timed momentary pauses that make all the difference in the delivery. First single “God Of Razorblade” was chosen by the band as the first single from the album as they felt it reflects the overall sound of record and they couldn’t be more right. It’s heavy, groove riffs with ripping haunting tones in the leads are a joy while the overall slightly raw feel just adds to the weight of the intent. Note: that’s raw and not muddy! The drums are well placed in the mix and everything sounds crisp and clean. It’s raw as in its not over produced.

Talking of raw “Firewalker” cuts dark Thrash sound that has lyrical themes of violence as it talks about armed forces patroling the skies ready to wipe out the masses. Cold War paranoia? It’s something of a throwback to the pre-Thrash era and doesn’t have a solo and is instead has a couple of choice headbangable breakdown moments that make all the difference. “The Final Nail” has a higher pitched backing vocal that repeats the odd word like Golem looking for his precious while maintaining a slow burn approach to allow Kärkkäinen plenty of space for his wordly lyrics for this cut. It meanders but doesn’t have the energy of the earlier material. “Red Shores” instantly reverses that decision with a nitro injection of riffs and attitude into the mix. The end of the World? The dawn of the Apocalypse? The whammy bar into a technical solo is masterful and if it’s all going to end like this, then so be it. You’ve probably guessed that “Vlad” is a homage to Vlad The Impaler and you’d be right. One of the most important rulers in Wallachian history and a national hero of Romania between 1448 and his death, he is often considered to be the source of the tales of Dracula with his bloodlust. Sentiments echoed in the lyrics as Kärkkäinen portrays the role amid a backdrop of riffs and punchy kit work that bring hooks to the fore.

Title track “Sliced To Perfection” is the hot knife through the butter like flesh of those in the range of its sweeping motion. The schizophrenic rants of a mad man with a blood lust are like nursery rhymes to the ears of a savage beast and Blåådpalt play off against them with some driven, hook laden riffs and a bomb blast of drums. Your classic horror film moment “Stay Down” is the command issued because if you don’t, the beast will have your head. Haunting lead flourishes create the atmosphere over a relentless battering of Death Metal riffs and bring in the more groove orientated “The Sculpturor“. Adding in a spoken word segment, Blåådpalt reference an evil character who cleaves flesh from the bone to create his masterwork. The dark imagery is brought to life by swathes of riffage and some choice tempo changes that close the album in fine style. If you like your Death Metal with healthy doses of Exodus esq Thrash, then you can’t go wrong with this [7/10]

Track listing

1. Corpse
2. Eradication
3. God Of Razorblade
4. Firewalker
5. The Final Nail
6. Red Shores
7. Vlad
8. Sliced To Perfection
9. Stay Down
10. The Sculptor

Sliced To Perfection” by Blåådpalt will be released on the 28th February via Inverse Records

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