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NEWS: Third sacrafice at the altar of madness from Godhead Machinery!

Swedish Blackened Death Metallers Godhead Machinery have premiered a third fresh sacraficial offering from their upcoming 26th November via Black Lion Records releasing seven track affair “Monotheistic Enslavement” with one called “Ethereal“. All three are available instantly with a pre-order of the record over at bandcamp and given then strength of their previously well received

Playthrough: “Autumn” from Mother Of All!

A Technical Melodic Death Metal project of drummer Martin Haumann (Timechild, ex-Afsky, ex-Myrkur) that saw him joined by Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death, Sadus) on fretless bass and Frederik Jensen on guitars, Mother of All released their debut album, ‘Age of Solipsist‘ in June via Black Lion Records. Now the band have premiered a playthrough

NEWS: Godhead Machinery drop “Orbis Non Sufficit”!

The rising force in Swedish Blackened Death Metal, Godhead Machinery, a band who rise to prominence over two critically acclaimed albums and only released an EP in “Masquerade Among Gods” at the end of June have announced a new album for the end of November. The record will once again see Polish blast-machine Krzysztof Klingbein

Review: “Masquerade Among Gods” by Godhead Machinery

A rising force in Swedish Blackened Death Metal, Godhead Machinery have risen to prominence over two critically acclaimed albums since they formed in 2014. Across 2017’s “Ouroboros” and 2019’s “Aligned To The Grid” they have served their purpose as a tool to analyse how religious beliefs infiltrate laws, policy, behaviours and moral codes of modern

Review: “Age of the Solipsist” by Mother of All

Formed in 2013, Mother of All is a one man project, the brainchild of Martin Haumann who you may know better as the drummer of Myrkur and Afsky to name but a few. Incorporating melodic and Progressive elements into Death Metal with the highly praised EP ”Secular Assault” in somewhat varied and eclectic that explore

NEWS: Mother of All premier “Curators” Dual-Video Medley!

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Hannes Grossmann (Hate Eternal, Alkaloid, Necrophagist) at Mordor Sounds and adorned with the cover artwork by the acclaimed Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, King Diamond), 11th June will mark the arrival of “Age of the Solipsist“, the debut album of Mother of All via Black Lion Records. As a solo project

Review: “” by Ghosts of Atlantis

Hailing from the depths of Suffolk’s Witch country, Symphonic Progressive Blackened Death Metal quintet Ghosts Of Atlantis are a new beast comprised of present and past members of Devilment, Failed Humanity, The Conflict Within and Cold Lazarus now unchained and free to create while leaning on a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from previous

NEWS: Mother of All dream of Autumn…

Mother of All, a band who feature in their ranks the legendary bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death, Sadus) are counting down the hours until their debut album, ‘Age of Solipsist‘ drops on 23rd via Black Lion Records with a lyric video surfacing for the first single from the album in “Autumn”. Black Lion Records

NEWS: Mother of All announce “Age of the Solipsist”!

Mother of All has been the solo project multi instrumentalist Martin Haumann a man who is in demand as a highly prolific Danish musician and the drummer of Myrkur. Creating a new line up for new album “Age of the Solipsist“, he’s now joined by Testament bassist Steve Di Giorgio and guitarist Frederik Jensen for

NEWS: Ghosts of Atlantis await…

A band who feature in their ranks members of Devilment, Failed Humanity, The Conflict Within and Re-Birth are Ghosts of Atlantis who are set to haunt us on 26th March with “” via Black Lion Records. Available for pre-order over at bandcamp, their debut album features “The Third Pillar“, one of three tracks you get