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Review: “Sermon Of Apathy” by Desolator

For over a decade, Swedish Death Metallers Desolator have have been treading the hallowed ground and paying homage to the Stockholm Masters of yore. The buzzsaw guitar sound of their first trio of releases, including the triumphant “Unearthly Monument” record of 2013 saw Stefan Nordström (Guitars and Vocals), Joakim Rudemyr (Guitars and Vocals), Jonas Bergkvist

NEWS: Desolator recite “The Great Law of the Dead”!

Treading the hallowed ground of the Swedish Death Metal scene for the past decade, Desolator have returned with their second album for Black Lion Records. “Sermon of Apathy” will mark their territory with seven tracks said to be the Frankenstein’s Monster of death metal, blending the aggression of the Stockholm sound with the creative and dissonant

NEWS: Desolator debut “Creatures Of Habit”!

…with pre-orders available here, Black Lion Records have announced that 4th September will see a new album from Swedish Death Metal quartet Desolator. Their first output in four years sees them joined on “The Great Law of the Dead” not only by Oliver Palmquist of Phidion fame but also the legendary Karl Sanders of Nile. For

Review: “Continua” by Nemesium

When to comes to dark secrets, Australia still has a few untapped resources in the wilderness. One of those is Nemesium, an Extreme Metal act who released their debut EP “Sentient Cognizance” back in 2015 and have since been sharpening their blades, waiting to unleash hell in the form of “Continua“. The quintet, who comprise vocalist

NEWS: Re-Armed blinded by “The Hollow Light”!

Including some stunning scenery from the natural world, Black Lion Records are streaming a video for “The Hollow Light” from the upcoming 5th June dropping album “Ignis Aeternum” by Re-Armed. The Finnish Melodic Death Metal act already have “Beyond The Horizon” and “Ode To Life” from the album out for your streaming pleasure.

NEWS: Re-Armed streaming “Ode To Life”!

Melodic Death Metal quintet from Finland Re-Armed are preparing to unleash their upcoming fourth studio album “Ignis Aeternum” on 5th June via Black Lion Records and are now streaming “Ode To Life“, which features a guest solo from Euge Valovirta (Cyhra, ex-Shining, Godsplague, Suburban Tribe). Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp

NEWS: Re-Armed look “Beyond The Horizon”!

Finnish Thrash influenced Melodic Death Metallers Re-Armed have just landed a music video for the single “Beyond the Horizon” in our ear drums. It appears on the quintet’s anticipated fourth album, “Ignis Aeternum” is slated for worldwide release on 5th June via Black Lion Records and is available for pre-order here. Discussing the track, Re-Armed comment: “Generally speaking,

Review: “Mountains And Darkness” by Northwind Wolves

Los Angeles California isn’t the kind of place you’d expect to associate with Black Metal. For one, it’s not a cold, bleak or barren place and the Forests aren’t the dark siren calling kind you’d find in Norway. But none the less, Los Angles is the home of Northwind Wolves who are returning with their

NEWS: Northwind Wolves in the Unholy Forrest…

Los Angeles Californian Melodic Black Metallers Northwind Wolves have announced the follow up to their 2017 debut “Dark… Cold… Grim” will take you on a journey to the Carpathian Mountains on 13th December via Black Lion Records. Titled “Mountains And Darkness” it is available for pre-order here with “Unholy Forrest Of Wolves” streaming now…