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Review: “Excommunica” by Argesh

” ‘Excommunica’ wants to point out how much can be spiritually self-sabotating being born and grown in a religious context bare of awareness and consciousness. Its concept is based on disrupting these restrictions in order to find the human need to evolve and become something different from the herd, expressing the harsh hate against the

Planet Metal #1: Italy!

Following the success of our Black Map feature that looks at the UK Underground Metal scene and pays some attention to the lesser lights of heaven, following the example of Pinky and the Brain, we’ve set our sights on conquering the World.  So each month we’re going to be picking an country and five bands

NEWS: Blacks0n continue to cry for inspiration?

Progressive Deathcore partnership blacks0n aka Andrea Prati and Andrea Tinelli have delivered another gourmet heavy hitter in the dark and angry “Unfocused“, the first since their brutal “Cry For Inspiration“, which is out via Famined Records. The band comment: “As humans we tend to think about concepts that are bigger than us, that we can’t

Playthrough: “On the Wings of Defeat” from Blacks0n!

“Cry for Inspiration” appeared from Parma Italy residents Blacks0n in December and eager to showcase some vocal skills, Andrea Prati has been filmed at Zeta Factory Studios doing a live, unedited one take vocal track for “On the Wings of Defeat“. The band is duo with multi instrumentalist Andrea Tinelli being the other half of the

NEWS: Blacks0n search for Life on other Worlds?

The intriguingly titled “Ears on Distant Stars” from Parma Italy Progressive Deathcore duo Blacks0n marks the appearance of their debut EP “Cry For Inspiration” via Famined Records, with more than 36,000 photographs shot for the visual concept!

NEWS: Blacks0n have “Nowhere To Run”!

Parma Italy Progressive Deathcore duo Andrea Prati and Andrea Tinelli only have to wait until 12th July for their EP “Cry For Inspiration” to work its way out from Famined Records grasp. The duo, otherwise known as Blacks0n have the EP available for pre-order here. and in the meantime you can stream “Nowhere To Run”