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NEWS: Despite Exile seek new light?

It may have been a long slow ride out of the bowels of hell but the Kontrolla Music Group has finally unveiled the third album “Wound” from Italian Post-Deathcore collective Despite Exile, a meditation on fragility, solitude and the virtues of acknowledging and overcoming trauma. Having previously issued “A Pale Glimmer of Light”, they now

Documentary: The Making Of “Shrine” by Bleed From Within!

They may have released “Shrine” back in June but Glaswegian Metalcore heroes Bleed From Within have been holding something back. Now, ahead of their December European tour with Humanity’s Last Breath and Allt that finishes in London with a sold out show at The Dome, the band have shared a full 31 minute making of

Documentary: Bleed From Within at Fallen Fortress Open Air 2022!

Once again finding Tom JD Armstrong behind the camera, Glaswegian Metalcore Kings Bleed From Within have shared another feature length behind the scenes featurette from their summer of touring their Nuclear Blast debut album “Shrine“. This one finds them at the final stage of that run, headlining Fallen Fortress Open Air Festival in Germany as

Documentary: Bleed From Within at Reload Festival 2022!

The penultimate Festival of the summer for Bleed From Within finds the Glaswegian Metalcore Kings at Reload Festival in Germany as they continue to share the brilliance that is new album “Shrine“, their debut for Nuclear Blast with the masses. The band once again entrust Tom JD Armstrong behind the camera to document the event

Documentary: Bleed From Within at Wacken Open Air Festival 2022!

Tom JD Armstrong got behind the camera to document this behind the scenes featurette as Glaswegian Metalcore Kings Bleed From Within walked where Gods fear to tread and took on the main stage at the legendary Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany for the first time. Part of a wider summer Festival run around the

Playthrough: “Flesh And Stone” from Bleed From Within!

Filmed on the main stage at KnotFest Germany on 30th July, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Bleed From Within stickman Ali Richardson performing “Flesh and Stone” from the Scottish Metalcore titans new album “Shrine“. His live rig consists of a now discontinued Yamaha live custom Oak in Black Wood, MEINL Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and

Interview: Bleed From Within talk “Shrine” on The Downbeat Podcast!

Drummers Anonymous members Craig Reynolds from Stray From The Path and Ali Richardson of Bleed From Within and Sylosis get drunk while chatting about everything from what makes the perfect drum tech, beer, Glasgow life and of course the new Bleed From Within album “Shrine“, their debut for Nuclear Blast in this latest episode of

Bootleg: “I Am Damnation” from Bleed From Within!

Two weeks after Bleed From Within tore it up on the main stage at Resurrection Fest in Galicia Spain the Scottish Metalcore Kings have shared “I Am Damnation” cut from it. Their December European tour will see them head from Cologne Germany to London England with Humanity’s Last Breath for 17 nights of sweaty club

Review: “Shrine” by Bleed From Within

When Glaswegian Metalcore Gods Bleed From Within returned from the wildernesses of a hiatus that many thought would see their end in 2018 with the stunning “Era“, there can’t have been many that would have expected what happened next. The snowball effect took the band from strength to strength with unstoppable momentum taking them around