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Review: “The Tony Demo” by Sully

Known for their prior convictions in Sulaco, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault and Psyopus to name but a few, a collection of seasoned veterans hailing from Rochester New York have formed a new Grindcore outfit called Sully. Describing themselves as a fun loving, laid back four piece, they’ve called their debut EP “The Tony Demo” and

NEWS: Sully circle the drain…

How’s this for a Juxposition? Sully are calling themselves a fun loving, laid back 4 piece Grindcore outfit hailing from Rochester New York. Including members Erik Burke (Sulaco, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) and Adam Frappolli (Psyopus), who are joined by Alex Perez, and Ed Jusko on drums and bass. These guys don’t take themselves too

NEWS: The Crippler announce “I’m Just Gonna Let Myself In”!

Hailing from Killadelphia, The Crippler are a Grindcore, Punk, Death and Thrash supergroup featuring in their ranks current and former members of Eat The Turnbuckle, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Brutal Truth, and Total F**king Destruction. They have announced their debut record “I’m Just Gonna Let Myself In” for 23rd December via Horror Pain Gore

Review:”Demons or Someone Else” by Montecharge

Formed in Geneva Switzerland, Montecharge are a quartet with passion for heavy music with Vocalist Quentin Bocquel is joined by David Gerber who handles synthesizers and noise machines, drummer Edward Hay and guitarist Wladislas Marian. While “Demons of Someone Else” is their debut album, they have been releasing material and playing live together for almost