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NEWS: Upon A Burning Body live by the code!

With new album “Fury” offering something of a return to their Deathcore roots following some dabbling in Groove Metal, Texas heat bringers Upon A Burning Body have selected “Code Of Honour” for a classic pyrotechnic heavy music video. They’re currently on the Chaos & Carnage Tour stateside that sees Suicide Silence and  Carnifex co-headling with

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body follow Sepultura back to Roots?

They maybe built from war but with new single “A New Responsibility” it seems that San Antonio Texas Metallers Upon A Burning Body are returning to their roots. The single is the latest from their upcoming new Seek & Strike Records releasing album “Fury” which drops 6th May and comes with a video directed by

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body roll “Snake Eyes”!

Rolling the dice with a classic Gangster gambling music video that feeds off the lyrical vibes of the track, Southern Groove Metallers  Upon A Burning Body have thrown “Snake Eyes” while avoiding any Nicolas Cage nonsense. A potential second single following Augusts “Extermination” from an album promised as the band had to abandon their run

Playthrough: “Built From War” from Upon A Burning Body!

Having announced that they’re working on their sixth studio album it seems strange that San Antonio Texas Groove Metallers Upon A Burning Body have dropped a playthrough video for the title track of their current EP “Built From War” but drummer Tito Felix is not one to be contained. We’re intrigued to see if the

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body head for extermination?

Having been forced to cancel their performance at The Gathering of Juggalos as well as all of the preceding shows in August as a result of an outbreak of plague in their camp, Upon A Burning Body have promised to return with a brand new full length album in the not too distant future. In

Review: “Built From War” by Upon A Burning Body

Throughout their career, San Antonio Texas natives Upon A Burning Body have style shifted between records. Starting out as a Death Metal band, then switching to Deathcore and even Party Deathcore with Metallic Hardcore leanings they partially reinvented their sound with their last album, June 2019’s “Southern Hostility“. A Groove Metal affair with Pantera and

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body in chains…

Another track from the 31st July slated new EP from Upon A Burning Body had surfaced with the likelihood that all bar one will be heard before it drops seeming quite high. Entitled “Chains Of Agony” it follows “5×3” out of the gate with a month to go before parole…