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Interview: Caliban talk 25th Anniversary with Resurrection Fest!

Vocalist Andreas Dörner and guitarist Marc Görtz from German Metalcore masters Caliban spoke to Resurrection Fest about their  25th anniversary on stage in this oven fresh interview. It seems incredible to think that “Paralyzed” from 2016’s “Gravity” has surpassed 8m Spotify streams while “Memorial” from 2012’s “I Am Nemesis” has reached the 4.5m mark so

NEWS: Caliban lost in the darkness?

After scaling back their December European touring plans to six shows in Germany, Metalcore mainstays Caliban have shared a music video for a new cut titled “The Shadow“. The song appears just seven months after the bands current album “Dystopia” surfaced via Century Media but is tinged with sadness as it also comes with the

NEWS: Caliban grow darker by the day…

Filmed by Sebastian Pielnik during the release shows for the band’s freshly released album “Dystopia“, Metalcore mainstays Caliban have shared a music video for “Darkness I Became“. As well as serving as an advertisement for the bands live intensity, the video comes with the news that the band will be playing shows in Belgium, Austria,

Interview: 25 Questions from Impericon to Caliban!

More specifically the unclean vocal aggressor that is Andreas Doerner who does the interview in English rather than his native German. They’ve got seriously limited edition vinyl pressings of their new album “Dystopia” in different flavours spread across different distributors so if you haven’t already then it’s time to fight for a copy of their

NEWS: Caliban launch Dystopia with Alien!

Showing absolutely no signs of slowing down as they approach 25 years together, German Metalcore heroes Caliban delivered the 13th album of their illustrious career in “Dystopia” via Century Media this weekend and have shared a music video for “Alien” to encourage us to check is out. Not that we should need any given the

Interview: Caliban talk “Dystopia” with Belgian Jasper!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Belgian Jasper took some time out from his busy schedule to talk to Caliban guitarist Marc Gortz about the bands thirteenth album “Dystopia”. The German Metalcore quintet are approaching their 25th anniversary and with another pummelling album down that includes guest appearances from Marcus Biscoff from

NEWS: Caliban choose “VirUS” for next taste of dystopian future!

Proving their no April Fools, German Metalcore merchants Caliban have set 22nd April for their next studio album “Dystopia” via Century Media and offering yet another taste of what it has in store for your ear drums, the band have premiered “VirUS“. Having loaned out vocalist Andreas Doerner to SETYØURSAILS recently, the band have a

Interview: SETYØURSAILS talk first concert ever!

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure then the sophomore album from German Metalcore merchants SETYØURSAILS titled “Nightfall” is one you can’t go too far wrong with, especially with Andy Doerner from Caliban, Annisokay frontman Rudi Schwarzer and Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights all providing guest vocal appearances. In this latest interview with the

NEWS: Caliban predict an apocalyptic future?

Featuring a guest appearance from Christophe Wieczorek of Annisokay fame, German Metalcore mainstays Caliban have shared a music video for the title track of their 22nd April releasing new album “Dystopia“. It follows first single “Ascent Of The Blessed” with both offering a dark aesthetic in keeping with the bands recent releases. They’ve also announced

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Nightfall” with SETYØURSAILS!

If you haven’t sunk your teeth into “Nightfall” by German Metalcore outfit SETYØURSAILS as yet then let us take a moment to tell you what the album is all about. Over thirteen tracks, three of which have guest appearances from members of Caliban, No Bragging Rights and Annisokay, frontwoman Jules Mitch leads her troupe for