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Playthrough: “Blackout” from Casketmaker!

Quality rather than quantity is the route that Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Deathcore collective Casketmaker are taking, with just three singles since their formation in 2018. Their latest offering, “Blackout” was released back on July and mixed by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited, so drummer Jake Mingoy has tapped up Shane Mayer from Cerebral Audio Productions to film

NEWS: Casketmaker drop third single “Blackout”!

Blackened Deathcore specialists Casketmaker are a quartet who have borrowed the skills of Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited, to give their latest single “Blackout” the mixing and mastering required to give it that extra certain something. The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania band already have a pair of tracks out in “Backstabber” and “Hanging” and are attracting some serious

Playthrough: “Hanging” from Casketmaker!

Filmed by Zac Bianco, Casketmaker drummer Jack Mingoy has been recorded on drum cam playing through of their 2018 single “Hanging“. The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Deathcore quartet like to bring a touch of Black Metal to their sound and are currently working on their debut full length with single “Backstabber” being 14 months old.

NEWS: Casketmaker call out the “Backstabber”!

Having released single “Hanging” that features guest vocals from Lorna Shore frontman CJ McCreery at the end of October, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Deathcore quintet Casketmaker have have returned with a second single entitled “Backstabber”! How long will we have to wait for an EP?

NEWS: Casketmaker left “Hanging” with Lorna Shore!

New Lorna Shore frontman CJ McCreery has been busy of late. Since leaving Signs of the Swarm to join the band he has appeared first on Murkov single “Gutter” and now on the new single “Hanging” from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Deathcore Quintet Casketmaker! The song is their debut single after forming in December 2017 and as