NEWS: Casketmaker look around and question… Everything!

Mixed and mastered by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited (The Stygian Complex, Sorroweaver, Traitors), Pennsylvanian skull crushers Casketmaker have returned with another piece of anvil heavy Deathcore that harks back to the golden age of the genre and yet refreshes the sound in “Disease & Disorder“. Inspired by the words of George Carlin “Don’t just teach your children to read… Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything” this one’s a beast.

The band comment: ““Disease & Disorder” is about the crisis we face in the digital age, in which misinformation and ignorance are further perpetuating division among populations worldwide- to a state of chaos where truth is almost indiscernible from fiction.

Any one person or group can easily have a voice and be heard in the 21st century, and with that power comes great responsibility. As we’ve seen in recent years, all it takes is one misleading headline or embellished story, and enough people to pass it along like a game of Telephone, to influence crowds on a massive scale. From the latest Hollywood scandal or fake celebrity death, all the way to geopolitical, social, and moral issues, neighbors are easily turned into enemies, and our collective progress will remain at a standstill as we wage this war of the minds.

Before furthering a message or idea, try better to understand the motive behind the message, because they all have one. Remember- divided, they succeed”

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