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Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Propaganda.

It doesn’t seem like anything approaching the 30 years it has been since “Chaos A.D.” from Sepultura landed in 1993 via Roadrunner Records but as the cliché goes, time waits for no man. A stylistic departure from their earlier Death Thrash oriented sound to incorporate more Groove, not only is it a critically acclaimed record

Documentary: Iggor Cavalera on “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura!

Another episode of “Beneath The Drums” from former Sepultura and current Cavalera Conspiracy drummer Iggor Cavalera sees him go in deep on an all time classic in “Refuse/Resist” from… Well an all time classic record in 1993’s “Chaos A.D.“, their third for Roadrunner Records. You only need ask Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta about how important

Playthrough: “Territory” from Sepultura!

In a brand new series, the legend that is Iggor Cavalera goes beneath the drums and dissects the songs that have made up his career with Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy, starting with the almighty “Territory“. Arguably behind “Roots Bloody Roots“, the biggest career moment of the original Cavalera era of the band, which originally appears

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! One More Territory!

“Choice control, Behind propaganda, Poor information,  To manage your anger… War for territory!” ~ 1993 saw something of a style shift for Brazilian Metallers Sepultura, introducing more groove orientation with a little less emphasis on speed with “Chaos A.D“. The success of tracks like “Refuse/Resist“, “Slave New World” and “Propaganda” not only being fan favourites but

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #9 from Sepultura!

Introduced by vocalist Derrick Green, part #9 of the “Quadra” Q&A series from Brazilian Thrash Metallers Sepultura is once again in Portuguese with that being the native language of their guest, Silvio “BBK” Homes, the studio engineer from the recording of the bands 1993 album “Chaos A.D.“. Intriguingly, the band are joined by Anthrax guitarist