Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! One More Territory!

Choice control, Behind propaganda, Poor information,  To manage your anger… War for territory!” ~ 1993 saw something of a style shift for Brazilian Metallers Sepultura, introducing more groove orientation with a little less emphasis on speed with “Chaos A.D“. The success of tracks like “Refuse/Resist“, “Slave New World” and “Propaganda” not only being fan favourites but remaining regularly firmly in their live set 27 years on, it would have been interesting to see where they went from this sound had they not met Ross Robinson and moved on with “Roots“.

Recorded live at Black Sea Metal Festival in 2017 and featuring a guest appearance from Andrey Smirnov (U.D.O., Everlost) as well as a mosh choir of members of Exact Division, Shame Yourself, Sinful, Soul Sacrifice and Andrey Garkovich, Ukrainian Death Thrash combination Hell:On did the piece of Sepultura history more than justice in the Red Corner. In the Blue Corner? We have Machine Head in Luxemburg in 2001 when Dave McClain was King of the Hill, the track being a live staple for them over many a tour. Who wins? You decide!

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