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Playthrough: “Inertia” from Sentinels!

Showing some love for Vein, New Jersey Progressive Metalcore outfit Sentinels have shared a drum playthrough video for “Inertia” from Dave Rucki via label home SharpTone Records. The cut appears on the bands debut full-length album”Collapse by Design” and has surfaced just days after the band wrap up a tour run with Enterprise Earth, Within

Playthrough: “Comfort In Familiar Pain” from Sentinels!

Still suffering from Unsound Recollections, New Jersey technical polyrhythmic purveyors Sentinels have been lucky enough to have SharpTone Records release an instrumental version of their 2021 album “Collapse By Design” everywhere that is worth finding it. So They’ve put Thomas Cardone and Chris Dombrowski under the spotlight for a many stringed guitar playthrough video for

Playthrough: “Inertia” from Sentinels!

On 6th May, seven months after the record was originally released, an instrumental version of “Collapse By Design” by New Jersey based Progressive Metalcore outfit Sentinels will drop, so drawing our attention to that the band have shared a playthrough video for “Inertia”. One small step for fans, one giant leap for the band, the

NEWS: Sentinels find “Comfort In Familiar Pain”?

Another 22nd October drop is “Collapse By Design” the debut full length of New Jersey Technical Polyrhythmic Metal outfit Sentinels and the band have given us a fifth single from the twelve it has to offer in “Comfort In Familiar Pain“. The clock is ticking but it seems like SharpTone Records could squeeze just one

NEWS: Finally a date for Sentinels debut album!

…with pre-orders available here, SharpTone Records have announced that the long awaited debut of New Jersey Technical Polyrhythmic Metal outfit Sentinels will be called “Collapse By Design” and out on 22nd October. They’ve done that with a fourth single in 2021 from it in “Albatross” which follows “To Wither Away“, “Tyrant” and “Inertia” giving us