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Bootleg: Counterparts in Glasgow!

15th February 2020 saw Canadian Melodic Hardcore crew Counterparts roll up on G2 in Glasgow with Static Dress and Chamber to celebrate their brilliant “Nothing Left To Love” with the Glaswegian natives. The show was pro-shot by David Tan however there is only live mic as the desk mics were muted.

Bootleg: Counterparts in London!

20th February 2020 saw Canadian Melodic Metalcore heroes Counterparts at the London Dome for a sold out show with Can’t Swim, Static Dress and of course Chamber in tow. New album “Nothing Left To Love” is out now and an absolute must so if you haven’t already, where have you been? Here’s the show, Pro-Shot

Review: “Survivor’s Guilt” by Anywhere But Home

A Detroit Michigan quintet playing a style of music that includes elements of  Progressive Metalcore and Melodic Hardcore, Anywhere But Home are an outfit that write with the intension of connecting to the listener through an emotionally charged sound. They cite influences in staples of the current scene like The Ghost Inside, Counterparts and Stick to

NEWS: Varials and Counterparts go South…

It goes almost without question that the presence of Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy as a guest on a track is like a stamp of approval as the man just doesn’t seem to be able to do anything that isn’t incredible at the moment. So when he appeared on the recently released Varials album on “South

Bootleg: Counterparts at Chain Reaction!

We’re not quite sure why Brendan Murphy insists there is nothing left to love. There is always something left to love, namely his band Counterparts! Their latest offering which is out now via Hardcore label of the moment Pure Noise Records was a contender for our Top #5 albums of 2019 during our awards season

Documentary: Mixing the drum sound for Counterparts!

In this latest episode of his “Behind The Mix” series, Leo Sypniewski explains the mixing of the drums from a recent Counterparts live set, proving if it was ever necessary, that he is indeed a high grade audio engineer. The Canadian Melodic Hardcore band themselves will be in Europe in February, touring their latest Pure

Bootleg: Counterparts in Lakewood Ohio!

“I never thought that I would need to justify a reason, to continue in this life I lead, I f***ing hate the world, I f***ing hate myself. I f***ing swore I’d never feel like this. I hate the world, I hate myself. I hate the world“. Having witnessed Counterparts live show alongside 10,000 people at

Review: “I Cared Once” by Returner

Not for the first time of late we’ve looked at a bands name or song title and wondered if it’s taken from something else we’ve heard before. In the case of Düsseldorf Germany residents Returner who cite their influences as being  Counterparts, Stray From The Path and I Prevail, it seems that the name of

Interview: Stray From The Path Vs Counterparts!

Drew York and Tom Williams from Stray From The Path took on Counterparts Brendan Murphy in a game of Trivia for The Noise… The subject being each other! Both bands have not only toured together but also dropped albums on the same day! They will be following each other to Europe with Stray From The

NEWS: Counterparts have Nothing Left To Love in February!

The Winter shows continue to grow like a snowball to an avalanche for Hamilton Ontario Canadian’s Counterparts. Their journey will take them to Europe in February and take them in a Horse shoe of the UK. They will have with them New Jersey Rockers Can’t Swim, Nashville Tennessee Metallic Hardcore act Chamber and Static Dress…