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NEWS: Crossfaith search for live after the red zone…

Ahead of their 15th anniversary of “Atlas Of Faith” tour in their homeland, Japanese Industrial Metalcore outfit Crossfaith have premiered a second new single following “Slave Of Chaos” in just six weeks. Doing the oh so complex mathematics, that means nine singles since their last album 2019’s “EX_Machina” as “Feel Alive” lands via UNFD records

Throwback: “Blue” from Crossfaith!

As Japanese Industrial Metalcore merchants Crossfaith celebrate the 15th Anniversary of their inception in 2006 with the “Atlas Of Faith” tour across their homeland, we figured it would be a good time to roll back the years to their first ever music video. A live performance for their song “Blue” filmed at Tokyo Shibuya Cyclone

NEWS: Crossfaith unveil “Slave Of Chaos”!

Continuing a rich vein of seemingly one off singles, Japanese Industrial Metallers Crossfaith have thrown “Slaves Of Chaos” down the pipe at us via label home UNFD as their third of 2021 behind “RedZone” and “Dead Or Alive“. The band have also announced a run of eight Japanese tour dates that celebrate their 15th Anniversary

Review: “Sleeps Society” by While She Sleeps

It seems like it has been being hyped forever all over the interweb but the fifth studio album “Sleeps Society” from Sheffield Metalcore outfit While She Sleeps is finally upon us and after the brilliance of 2017’s “You Are We“, the curve ball of 2019’s “So What?” makes this one something of an intriguing prospect.

NEWS: Crossfaith enter the “RedZone”!

2020 would have seen Japanese Metallers Crossfaith marching across Europe but instead they have spend the time in the studio. A new EP in “Species“, a remix EP in “Kids Still Want A New Acid” and a clutch of singles including “Dead or Alive” which dropped in February. So what do they have to offer

NEWS: Crossfaith endophinate…

Japanese Industrial Metallers Crossfaith have returned with a music video for “Endorphin” which claims that “Kids want a new acid…” that turns out to be a natural high. The single has surfaced just as the band begin to tour Europe with Synchronicity, so their timing is just about right, thanks to label UNFD.

NEWS: Crossfaith bring “Omen” to March?

Their current album “EX_Machina” may ask more questions than it answers in terms of their future direction but Japanese Metallers Crossfaith don’t half know how to put on a live show. They’ll be back upon our shores for a string of dates at the end of their European Tour in March 2020. Let’s hope that

Bootleg: “Ruina” from Bleed From Within!

Pro-Shot by Tom JD Armstrong and with an audio mix from Rory Doherty, here’s a soundcheck cut of “Ruina” from Bleed From Within! It was recorded in Leipzig Germany during the bands run with the reformed As I Lay Dying. The Glaswegian Metallers are currently trekking across Europe with Crossfaith and Of Mice & Men.

NEWS: Misstiq fuses Crossfaith with Crystal Lake!

Misstiq is in Osaka Japan and has taken a moment to cross over a pair of melodies from brothers in guitars Crossfaith and Crystal Lake to create one of her famed chill out remixes! Famed for her more Deathcore oriented work, this is a fine example of her talent.

Review: “Rock Bottom” by Scream Blue Murder

Comprising drummer Jamie Bloomer, vocalist Aaron Bloomer, guitarist Jack Roddy and bassist Jacob Houghton, Scream Blue Murder are a Melodic Metalcore band from Coventry formed in 2014. Their 2016 debut “Hollow Stories” put them on the World stage and has seen them share stages with the likes of Bury Tomorrow, Crossfaith, Of Mice & Men