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Playthrough: “Resist, Revolt” from Drowning in Blood!

Three months after the music video premiered, Montreal Quebec Canadian Thrash three piece Drowning In Blood have allowed drummer Noah Muller out of the basement to give us a playthrough video for “Resist, Revolt“, a cut not to be confused with “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura. If you like what you hear, we recommend checking out their

NEWS: Drowning In Blood admit that resistance is futile?

Montreal Quebec Canadian Thrash three piece Drowning In Blood have unvieled a music video for their first single “Resist, Revolt!” since 2021 debut EP “Crush The Weak“. Filmed in glorious black and white at The Piranha Bar with a little help from The Masked Avenger Magazine, it finds the band doing what they do best

NEWS: Drowning In Blood search for bears in the woods!

As we bring an end to a trio of news articles with headlines ending in question marks, French Canadian Thrash trio Drowning In Blood have taken a moment to represent the almighty Power Trip in a well timed music video for the title track of their current EP “Crush The Weak” as they get lost in

Exclusive Interview: Drowning In Blood talk “Crush The Weak”!

Who doesn’t like a Thrashing in the snow? Montreal Canadian trio Drowning In Blood gave it their finest when shooting a music video for “Death Of Democracy” from their brand new shinny EP “Crush The Weak” and made it look easy. The band were gracious enough to talk to us after we reviewed the record,

Playthrough: “Crush The Weak” from Drowning In Blood!

The second playthrough video of the week from Montreal, Québec Canada based Thrash Metal trio Drowning In Blood has been delivered by drummer Noah Muller, who has chosen the title track of the bands debut EP “Crush The Weak” for the purpose. Not only did we review the record earlier this week and comes recommended,

Review: “Crush The Weak” by Drowning In Blood

A Thrash Metal power trio from Montréal Québec Canada comprising guitarist and vocalist Christophe Michaud, bassist and backing vocalist Félix Kemptner and drummer Noah Muller, Drowning In Blood are a fresh outfit who like nothing more than a snowball fight and a Johnny Cash cover… …despite their respective youth the band demonstrate surprising maturity in

Playthrough: “Death Of Democracy” from Drowning In Blood!

Just nine days after Montreal, Québec Melodic Thrash quartet Drowning In Blood released a music video for “Death Of Democracy” from their debut EP “Crush The Weak” the band have decided to turn up the heat on their new bassist Felix Kemptner by getting him to do a playthrough video for the cut after he