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NEWS: Witherfall travel to Boston!

The growing collection of cover songs that the Great Plague years have seen is being joined by another moment of splendor. Witherfall are releasing a special cover of the illustrious “foreplay/long time”, entitled “Long Time (long version)” by Boston. The song has been available as acoustic version on “Curse of Autumn” as well as slightly

NEWS: Witherfall celebrate with “The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day” video!

After entering several international charts with their latest album, “Curse Of Autumn”, Witherfall have released a video for “The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day” which showcases the incredible technical qualities of the individual members of the band – in particular Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Necrophagist, Jordan Rudess, Kreator) and Anthony Crawford (Chon, Alan Holdsworth,

NEWS: Witherfall watch the leaves in the wind…

… with a radio edit which cuts the song by two thirds, L.A.’s Witherfall are celebrating the release of their new album “Curse Of Autumn” with the launch of another cinematic video, this time for the epic “… And They All Blew Away”. Continuing to blow the budget, the video was directed by Brendan McGowan and produced

Review: “Curse of Autumn” by Witherfall

2017’s “Nocturnes and Requiems” was a take on Stephen King’s “Nightmares & Dreamscape” and 2018’s “A Prelude to Sorrow” was an orchestrated requiem to former drummer Adam Sagan, may he rest in peace, but with “Curse of Autumn“, Los Angeles Californians Witherfall wanted to out do themselves. So vocalist and keyboardist Joseph Michael (Sanctuary), guitarist

NEWS: Witherfall stare into “The River”!

After their homages to throwback horror with “As I Lie Awake” and “The Other Side Of Fear” the brand new video for “The River”, from Witherfall is an emotionally charged one directed by Bradford Lloyd Cooper. The fifth single from their upcoming 5th March releasing “Curse of Autumn” is the first to see a full

NEWS: Witherfall return to the horror…

After a headlong dive into the aesthetics of classic 80s horror movies with the music video for “As I Lie Awake”, Witherfall are further exploring their nightmarish journey with “The Other Side of Fear” which was directed by Cig Neutron and KasL. The song is the forth single taken from their upcoming album “Curse Of

NEWS: Witherfall to join Evergrey and Dust In Mind in 2021!

…with their album “Curse Of Autumn” set to turn heads on 5th March 2021 via Century Media, Witherfall have been announced as special guests on the Evergrey European tour trek with Dust In Mind. The band are a group of seasoned musicians who have performed in Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards, Chon, Shalmor, Allan

NEWS: Witherfall share “Another Face”!

Their album “Curse Of Autumn” may not be unveiled in full before 5th March 2021 but that hasn’t stopped Witherfall from giving us a third single from it. That comes in the form of “Another Face“, a song which holds special meaning for a band who feature members in their ranks who have performed in

NEWS: Witherfall suffer insomnia?

The second single from the still five months away “Curse of Autumn” from Witherfall has been one they have chosen to blow the budget on when it comes to the music video. “As I Lie Awake” is the song chosen for the purpose with renowned director Zev Deans (Ghost, Behemoth, Chelsea Wolfe) given the task

NEWS: Witherfall set for the “Curse Of Autumn”!

Witherfall, a band who feature in their ranks members of Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Chon and Necrophagist have announced their next album “Curse Of Autumn” will be surfacing in March 2021. The album art is once again another hand painted masterpiece by the legendary Kristian Wåhlin, the fourth painting in the album series. This news comes with