NEWS: Witherfall watch the leaves in the wind…

… with a radio edit which cuts the song by two thirds, L.A.’s Witherfall are celebrating the release of their new album “Curse Of Autumn” with the launch of another cinematic video, this time for the epic “… And They All Blew Away”. Continuing to blow the budget, the video was directed by Brendan McGowan and produced by Zev Deans with a European tour with Evergrey and Dust In Mind set to start in October.

The band comment: “So this is a total edit of this song… for those who dare there is a 15+ minute version on the record that is by far the most progressive thing Witherfall has ever written and features an incredible drum performance by the legendary Marco Minnemann as well as an amazing display of eclectic bass techniques by Anthony Crawford … Going into the songwriting of ‘Curse of Autumn’ we always want to try and outdo ourselves with certain tracks and this goal was to write a song that took the listener on an unparalleled musical journey. This abridged version is set to cinema by UnholyRoman and is shrouded in mystery much like the meaning of the song… For those that dare the full version can be found via the link in the description

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