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NEWS: Kingseeker bathe in the waterfalls?

Oslo’s Kingseeker have created a wonderful black and white visual montage for one of the stand out cuts from their new album “Daily Reminders” in “Flowered Waterfalls”. One that really resonated when we reviewed the album because it remains heavy despite sing-a-long moments to make for a powerhouse, this is a mighty fine accompaniment to

Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with Kingseeker!

What could be better than 20 Questions? Almost Full band 20 Questions! So here’s the latest incarnation of the interview series with Kingseeker vocalist Jan M. A. Opsahl, guitarist Aaron Veliz and multi instrumentalist and producer Emil Bringsli as the Oslo Norway based outfit celebrate the release of their debut album “Daily Reminders“.

Review: “Daily Reminders” by Kingseeker

The story of the band that is now Kingseeker (and was once Coastlines) begins in Oslo, Norway in 2017 when guitarist Aaron Veliz decided to end his previous project Murder The Traitor. Wanting to continue to create new music, he reached out to an old friend in producer Emil Bringsli, known for his solo work