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Review: “Fátum” by Damnation

Led by ex-Thy Catafalque guitarist János Juhász and featuring in their ranks musicians known for their work in Needless, Gort and Morbid Carnage to name but a few, Hungarian Death Metal act Damnation have been a growing concern since their inception in 2020. It would be another year before they announced themselves to an unsuspecting World with

NEWS: Damnation begin the migration…

Hungarian Death Metal masters Damnation have unveiled a second cut in “A Paraziták Vándorlása” (or “The Migration of Parasites“) from their debut album “Fátum“. Set for an 18th February release via Pest Records, it has already seen “Belső Kapuk a Világűrbe” (or “Inner Gates To Outer Space“) premier and was recorded, mixed and mastered at

NEWS: Damnation arrive at the gates…

Led by ex-Thy Catafalque guitarist János Juhász, Hungarian Death Metal act Damnation have announced their intent to release of their first studio album “Fátum” via Pest Records on for 18th February. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Obsidian Sound Studio by Árpád Szenti, the record is said to evoke the most memorable era of Death Metal, in the

The Black Map #216: Democratus from Cardiff!

Winning the South Wales Metal To The Masses competition and earning themselves a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2018, Melodic Death Metallers Democratus have payed homage to Greek philosopher Democritus, the man who first brought to us the atomic theory of the Universe. Having stated out in 2014,

Review: “Natas Liah” by Hell-Born

The return of Polish Black Metal masters Hell-Born is one that risked tarnishing their reputation, which the twelve long years of silence have old served to solidify. However Baal Ravenlock (Bass, Vocals), Les (Guitars) and Diabolizer (Drums) have worked tirelessly with Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze Of Perdition) in the studio and received help in contribution