The Black Map #216: Democratus from Cardiff!

Winning the South Wales Metal To The Masses competition and earning themselves a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2018, Melodic Death Metallers Democratus have payed homage to Greek philosopher Democritus, the man who first brought to us the atomic theory of the Universe. Having stated out in 2014, the band made their name reaching a wider audience with a pair of back to back EPs in 2018’s “Starting Again” and 2019’s “Damnation“. The doors opened and saw them gain endorsements with Moomin Merchandise and Vocalzone as they conjoin brutal Death Metal growls with soaring clean vocals. Never letting the opportunity to play a show go to waste, their dedication to all things Metal has lead to them treading the boards with Light The Torch, Suffocation and Ingested to name but a few, while proving they can hold their own with both melodic and heavy bands alike. So if you’re at a loose end this Sunday, we recommend giving them a listen before the day is out…

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