The Black Map #169: Havelocke from Sheffield!

“…And the world will keep on spinning, They’re the arsonists, We’re the match, They’re the arsonists, I want to see it f**king burn, We’re the match, Let it burn”

Hailing from Sheffield are Horror fuelled Emo meets Post-Hardcore act Havelocke who unashamedly came to our attention because Aaron McKenzie of While She Sleeps has been the man behind the camera for them for everything surrounding their debut EP “Arsonist“. Then the screamed finale of “100 seconds” sunk it’s teeth into our flesh like a rabid dog. The band have something of a nostalgic charm to them which reminds of the likes of Alkaline Trio, lip gloss and black eyeliner thinly veiling gallows humour and raw emotion, but what really stands out is that each of their cuts has little bursts of heavier parts lurking when you least expect it and those types of nuance make for our favourite kind of plot twist. Is it true what they say? Do arsonists really get all the girls?

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