The Black Map #61: Keepsake from Oxford!

Heading from Manchester to Oxford it’s time to bring a debut single from a band formed just this year to The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene. Complete with a mixing and mastering job from Henrik Udd (I Killed The Prom Queen, Counting Days, Architects) and featuring a guest appearance from Alex Tovell of Shattered Compass fame comes “Grey” from Keepsake! The Metalcore quartet feature vocals from Ben Clark, backing vocals and bass from Al Harper, drums from Will Marshall and guitars from Paddy Kildonan. They’re also a band with a meaning, as they put it “Life can be a struggle and we all need reminding that everything will be OK. Even when the worst happens. Keepsake is about re-energising, being positive and moving on”. It’s a very apt statement for 2019.

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