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NEWS: Havelocke return with “Mereana”!

Once again leaning on their friend Aaron McKenzie of While She Sleeps to film the music video, Sheffield Emo Hardcore Arsonists Havelocke have returned with new single “Mereana“, four months after releasing a cover of “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance. Wearing influences on their sleeves maybe but they warned us about their addictive

NEWS: It’s all yellow for Havelocke?

Arsonists may get all the girls but that doesn’t seem to make Havelocke happy. They’ve followed their debut EP by putting their own spin on “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance. It may not be a Christmas song but is a logical choice for the Sheffield based  Horror fuelled Emo meets Post-Hardcore act who

The Black Map #169: Havelocke from Sheffield!

“…And the world will keep on spinning, They’re the arsonists, We’re the match, They’re the arsonists, I want to see it f**king burn, We’re the match, Let it burn” Hailing from Sheffield are Horror fuelled Emo meets Post-Hardcore act Havelocke who unashamedly came to our attention because Aaron McKenzie of While She Sleeps has been

Bootleg: Havelocke perform “Arsonist” EP in full!

What do you do when you can’t have a debut EP release show due to a Global Pandemic situation meaning all venues are on lockdown and your fans are at home? If your Sheffield Post-Hardcore act Havelocke you get on the phone to While She Sleeps guitarist Aaron McKenzie, who also happens to run a

Review: “Arsonist” by Havelocke

“A haphazard mix of emo, post hardcore, and all things horror; Havelocke. The misfit cousins to the alternative scene, where black eyeliner meets big harmonies and post-apocalyptic themes. Emo and post-hardcore didn’t die; it grew up and put on it’s finest black clothes, ready to question the reality of the society we live in. Who better

NEWS: Arsonists get all the Girls for Havelocke?

As with first single “Where We Go“, Aaron Mckenzie of While She Sleeps has once again helped out fellow Sheffield based outfit Havelocke and filmed a music video for “100 Seconds” on the eve of the release of their debut Emo influenced Post-Hardcore debut EP “Arsonist“. Expect thrills, spills, black eyeliner, blood and post apocalyptic themes if you snap