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Review: “The Dying Planet Weeps” by Engulf

Having released an unholy trinity of story driven EPs in a three year stretch that began in 2017 with “Subsumed Atrocities“, Blasphemous guitarist Hal Microutsicos has seen his solo project Engulf reach critical mass. Entering the studio with Chris Kelly in the winter of 2021 to record a debut album “The Dying Planet Weeps” with

NEWS: DeathCollector premier “Death’s Toll” music video!

The disturbing creation of drummer Andy Whale (Darkened, Ex-Memoriam, Ex-Bolt Thrower), guitarist Mick Carey (Zealot Cult), bassist Lee Cummings (Severe Lacerations) and vocalist Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown, Grimorte) otherwise known as DeathCollector has arrived in “Death’s Toll“. Mixed and mastered by Gord Olson (Angelblast, Darkened, This Ending), it has been celebrated with a music video

Review: “Death’s Toll” by DeathCollector

“DeathCollector came into being towards the end of the pandemic, as a way for friends to keep working on music. But thanks to support from the underground, plus the amazing backing/support from Prosthetic Records… The album is a mixture of all things we’ve loved in music over the years. Everyone involved has put their heart

Review: “Gaslights” by Utilitarian

You can call them what you want – Extreme Metal, Hardcore, D-Beat, Death Metal, Grindcore, Punk – but the politically and socially aware narrative that runs through the core of Sheffield trio Utilitarian remains undisputed. They don’t write nice songs about butterflies in the stomach when someone you have a crush on looks your way.

NEWS: Utilitarian announce “Gaslights” once more?

Back in August 2021 Sheffield anarchists in Extreme Metal and Hardcore Punk Utilitarian announced that October of that year would see a new full length album titled “Gaslights” with Andy Whale (Darkened, ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Memoriam) once again making guest appearances on a few tracks. But after single “Pride” the trail went cold despite the band providing

Review: “Stay Angry” by Utilitarian

Earlier this year Jon Crowder (Vocals) Jon Addams (Bass) and Amara Wears (Guitar and Drums) aka Utilitarian released the thunderous full length album, “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People” and yet they have created a follow up EP with good reason, as Crowder explains “Well, we’re still brimming with ideas on things to