Review: “Stay Angry” by Utilitarian

Earlier this year Jon Crowder (Vocals) Jon Addams (Bass) and Amara Wears (Guitar and Drums) aka Utilitarian released the thunderous full length album, “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People” and yet they have created a follow up EP with good reason, as Crowder explains “Well, we’re still brimming with ideas on things to write about. We’re in that beautiful phase of early passion with a project, where it’s a family and it’s a cause and our cups are running over with ideas. Also, take a look at the world around you, there’s no shortage of things to get mad about.”. Indeed, while Utilitarian may be creators of raging Hardcore laced with Extreme Metal to incite the masses, they are also so much more. A principled voice with a moral code who hark back to when bands stood up to form a voice of protest against the injustices they see before them with a social awareness that is needed now more than ever…

…”Stay Angry” is the perfect title for this new EP from Utilitarian  and as the title suggests, they have plenty to remain angry about. A tornado of drum patterns and riffs that blend old school Sepultura with Sick Of It All are a coherent mix that is cemented by the gang chant vocals that incite riots. The message is clear – equal work for equal pay, all colours, all creeds – discrimination is unacceptable and if we stand as one, they can not stop us. The social awareness Crowder brings should make every Politian stand down, while the band provide a thunderous backdrop for him to spit his rage. Doom cover “Police Bastard” is a Hardcore Punk track with blistering energy in the tradition of short, fast and infectious cuts that are over before you can get from the bar to the pit. Utilitarian do it more than justice, their guitar tone, venom and vigor a modernization and the perfect choice for them. Both Bolt Thrower, Memoriam and Darkened drummer Andy Whale and De Profundis and Formicarius guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh join the band for “Anarchy (Justice Without Order)” making them a quintet for a track that is the ultimate bar fight, punching you in the face, throwing you to the floor and then pissing in your cuts. The solos add a Thrash vibe that lights the place up, the menace and headbanging groove an unstoppable force. The second cover choice is as perfect as the first with Dead Kennedys Police Truck” getting the Utilitarian make over. The buried lead moments could be more prominent in the mix but having them positioned as they are gives it quirky kind of resonance which sounds pretty cool. We’d love to hear their take on “The Badge” by Poison Idea. Saving the best until last, the relentless “ACAB (Order Without Justice)” smashes the barriers down with an adrenaline fueled high octane rage against the system that needs to be heard, calling out the injustices one at a time over ruthless riffage [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Stay Angry
  2. Police Bastard (Doom Cover)
  3. Anarchy (Justice Without Order) (ft. Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Darkened drummer Andy Whale and De Profundis, Formicarius guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh)
  4. Police Truck (Dead Kennedys Cover)
  5. ACAB (Order Without Justice)

Stay Angry” by Utilitarian is out 6th November ~ As with all Utilitarian releases, every single penny made from the sale of Stay Angry will be donated to charity – in this case Inquest, the only charity providing expertise on state related deaths and their investigation to bereaved people, lawyers, advice and support agencies, the media and parliamentarians

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