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NEWS: Utilitarian arm the cannon…

Celebrating the release of their highly anticipated and long overdue album “Gaslights“, Metal with Hardcover Punk attitude creators Utilitarian have dropped a classy music video for “Gammon Fodder” which asks the simple question: What the f*** is it all for? It’s a classic rage against the machine from a band capable of foaming at the

Review: “Gaslights” by Utilitarian

You can call them what you want – Extreme Metal, Hardcore, D-Beat, Death Metal, Grindcore, Punk – but the politically and socially aware narrative that runs through the core of Sheffield trio Utilitarian remains undisputed. They don’t write nice songs about butterflies in the stomach when someone you have a crush on looks your way.

NEWS: Utilitarian despise the Hateriarchy!

In your hour of need, calling upon a friend is the right thing to do. That’s exactly what Utilitarian did to emphasise the point of new single “Hateriarchy“, allowing OL Drake of Evile to drive home the nails with a pair of blistering solos on the cut. The Extreme Metal meets Hardcore Punk outfit also

NEWS: Utilitarian announce “Gaslights” once more?

Back in August 2021 Sheffield anarchists in Extreme Metal and Hardcore Punk Utilitarian announced that October of that year would see a new full length album titled “Gaslights” with Andy Whale (Darkened, ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Memoriam) once again making guest appearances on a few tracks. But after single “Pride” the trail went cold despite the band providing

NEWS: Utilitarian return with “Conservatism Is A Death Cult”!

Still angry Sheffield anarchists Utilitarian have returned with a new politically charged four track EP “Conservatism Is A Death Cult” that features Minor Threat and Suicidal Tendencies covers. As with all of the bands music, this new effort from the trio is a not for profit charity release with the band choosing the excellent work

The Black Map #143: Utilitarian from Sheffield!

Sheffield Shredders Utilitarian weren’t the only ones to have a spleen to vent in 2020 but they certainly put their rage to good use with not one but two records released in the year of the Great Plague. The first, entitled “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People” saw the trio of Jon Crowder

Review: “Stay Angry” by Utilitarian

Earlier this year Jon Crowder (Vocals) Jon Addams (Bass) and Amara Wears (Guitar and Drums) aka Utilitarian released the thunderous full length album, “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People” and yet they have created a follow up EP with good reason, as Crowder explains “Well, we’re still brimming with ideas on things to

NEWS: Utilitarian remain angry with new EP!

Mere months after the release of their “Fight War, Not Wars Destroy Power, Not People“ full length debut album, Utilitarian are back with a new five track EP “Stay Angry” comprising a trio of new songs and a pair of covers from Dead Kennedys and Doom. The band may have barely taken a breath since their