NEWS: Utilitarian despise the Hateriarchy!

In your hour of need, calling upon a friend is the right thing to do. That’s exactly what Utilitarian did to emphasise the point of new single “Hateriarchy“, allowing OL Drake of Evile to drive home the nails with a pair of blistering solos on the cut. The Extreme Metal meets Hardcore Punk outfit also have long time collaborator Andy Whale (Darkened, ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Memoriam) making a few appearances on their long awaited and highly anticipated album “Gaslights“, which drops on 7th April. You have been warned.

The band comment: “This one was written during the protests of both the murder of Sarah Everard and the police brutality that occurred at the vigil for her. During this time, the US was working on repealing Roe Vs. Wade, with politicians in the UK also discussing actions against abortion rights. Since the original recording of this song we have since seen a proliferation of anti-abortion bills in the US, as well as moves to villianise trans folks in an ongoing culture war to justify stripping rights from the LGBTQIA+ community, then moving on to cis women. All in the name of right-wing interests, capital, fascist views and maintaining the patriarchy that upholds white male supremacy. We won’t be silent in the face of this”

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