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Review: “Stay Angry” by Utilitarian

Earlier this year Jon Crowder (Vocals) Jon Addams (Bass) and Amara Wears (Guitar and Drums) aka Utilitarian released the thunderous full length album, “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People” and yet they have created a follow up EP with good reason, as Crowder explains “Well, we’re still brimming with ideas on things to

NEWS: Utilitarian remain angry with new EP!

Mere months after the release of their “Fight War, Not Wars Destroy Power, Not People“ full length debut album, Utilitarian are back with a new five track EP “Stay Angry” comprising a trio of new songs and a pair of covers from Dead Kennedys and Doom. The band may have barely taken a breath since their

NEWS: Vio-lence return with “California Uber Alles”!

Much to our surprise, California Thrashers Vio-lence have returned with a cover of “California Uber Alles” by Dead Kennedys and even more interesting, the band have gone in house for their knob twiddling with bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, formerly of Fear Factory doing the Engineering, Recording and Mixing. If this is a sign that the