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Review: “Cinis” by Consecration

There can be no understating how challenging it can be to find replacement musicians when your band is a going concern but in 2021 it became clear that for Consecration they had finally found that missing piece of the puzzle in guitarist Andy Matthews when they resurrected a trio of long since buried cuts and

Exclusive Interview: Entrenchment talk “Casus Belli”!

The tales of dead men telling of the horrors of war and the atrocities committed by mankind told in the third person is the work of Entrenchment, an old school Death Metal trio based in Moscow Russia. Demether (vocals), Yuri (guitars, bass), Sergey (guitars, drums) began conscription to their Army of fans at the end

Review: “Casus Belli” by Entrenchment

“Meet our first salvo, the first anti-aircraft projectile, framed by the voice of Death itself. We are not alive, we are only crumbs of bodies, and this music is our posthumous horror” ~ Entrenchment Moscow, Russian old school Death Metal trio Demether (vocals), Yuri (guitars, bass), Sergey (guitars, drums) began conscription for their Army at

Review: “Stay Angry” by Utilitarian

Earlier this year Jon Crowder (Vocals) Jon Addams (Bass) and Amara Wears (Guitar and Drums) aka Utilitarian released the thunderous full length album, “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People” and yet they have created a follow up EP with good reason, as Crowder explains “Well, we’re still brimming with ideas on things to

Review: “Death Comes Supreme” by Affliction Vector

Conceived as an introspective exploration by multi instrumentalist Ans in 2018 after the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, he decided to embrace a solo works, forging a path through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame and following a dark path