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Interview: Defamed no holds barred fan Q&A!

Part in English and part in Italian, drummer Norman Ceriotti and vocalist Mattia Maffioli from Italian Deathcore collective Defamed have done a no holds barred fan Q&A session together. They made their debut with a Punk Goes Deathcore version of a well known Daddy Yankee cut before dropping debut EP “Aeon” in December, which goes

NEWS: Drown In Sulphur share “Descendent Sunrise”!

The new line up of Milan, Arona, Northern Italy Blackend Deathcore outfit Drown In Sulphur have released a lyric video for a new track entitled “Descendent Sunrise“. The only original member of the band is drummer Domenico Tamilia with the remaining members forming Defamed after a mass exodus before releasing singles “Earth Rest“, “Essence” and

Review: “Aeon” by Defamed

The back story to the formation of Milan Italy based Deathcore quintet Defamed plays out like a thriller with vocalist Mattia Maffioli and guitarists Simone Verde and Max Foti forced out of Drown In Sulphur without their knowledge as drummer Domenico Tamilia took control of the bands assets and started over without them. They felt

Planet Metal #1: Italy!

Following the success of our Black Map feature that looks at the UK Underground Metal scene and pays some attention to the lesser lights of heaven, following the example of Pinky and the Brain, we’ve set our sights on conquering the World.  So each month we’re going to be picking an country and five bands

NEWS: Defamed announce “Aeon”!

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari at Wavemotion Recordings, we finally have a date for the release of the upcoming debut EP from Deathcore collective Defamed. The band, who are 80% of Drowned In Sulphur following a bitter split hail from Milan Italy and have set 4th December 2020 for “Aeon“, announced with

NEWS: Defamed turn loose the doves!

The band members who were exiled from Drowned In Sulphur continue to impress in Defamed with new single “Doves“, their fourth of 2020. Collectively, “In Tenebris“, “Circles” and Daddy Yankee’s 2010 single “Gasolina” have reached 405k Spotify streams. Maybe one day Defamed will bury the hatchet with the new line up of Drowned In Sulphur and

Playthrough: “Circles” from Defamed!

Still promising a debut EP in 2020 are Italian Deathcore collective Defamed. Formed from the ashes of Drowned In Sulphur, they’ve dropped a few singles and returned to “Circles” to allow sticksman Norman Ceriotti to hammer out this playthrough video. The EP looks to have been produced, engineered by mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari

Playthrough: “In Tenebris” from Defamed!

Defamed, a band who feature a trio of former members of Drown In Sulfur have returned to their third single “In Tenebris” for a guitar and drum playthrough video. Be warned, the original music video for this can cause seizures. It is also available over at bandcamp with the band currently working on an EP slated

NEWS: Defamed return with “In Tenebris”!

Having exited Drown In Sulfur in circumstances shrouded in mystery a trio of the former members have resurfaced in an entirely new Deathcore beast. Under the moniker Defamed they have released a third single entitled “In Tenebris” for which viewer descretion is advised – it’s both graphic and may cause seizures. It is also available