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Review: “Black Sun Sorcery” by Moon Reaper

As Robb Flynn once sang “The more things change, the more they stay the same” and the arrival of a sophomore EP “Black Sun Sorcery” from Bristol Blackened Sludge infused Doom Metal outfit Moon Reaper that is very much the case. A going concern since 2018, they pummelled us into submission with their brilliant debut

NEWS: Moon Reaper ascend from obscurity?

Letting the apocalypse commence with their hybrid blend of Doom, Black Metal and Hardcore, Bristol natives Moon Reaper are  celebrating opening for Crypta by releasing a music video for “Beyond Obscurity” from their sophomore EP “Black Sun Sorcery“. Mix and Mastered by Wynter Prior (Countless Skies, Hedra) of Sphynx Studios, it’s their first record with

Interview: Moon Reaper talk “Black Sun Sorcery” with Get Heavy!

Having just unleashed their highly anticipated sophomore record “Black Sun Sorcery” this past weekend, Progressive Blackened Doom outfit Moon Reaper have now done the decent thing and given Get Heavy an interview about it. A glimpse into their personal insights, fan engagement strategies and community interaction as well as an opportunity to get your mind

NEWS: Moon Reaper enter the Superunknown!

It’s been three years since their much loved debut EP “Descent” so Blackened Doom masters Moon Reaper have done the decent thing and announced a sophomore record for 7th June. Titled “Black Sun Sorcery” it features a collection of songs that have already been tried and tested in the live arena and has seen them

Review: “Cerebral Purgatory” by Resin Tomb

Hailing from Brisbane Australia, Resin Tomb are a Sludge fuelled dissonant Blackened Death Grind supergroup, featuring in their ranks members of Consumed, Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent and Feculent to name but a few, that have been rattling cages since their inception in 2019. A pair of well received EPs have paved the way to their

Review: “Far From Glory” by Descent

A summer release from Dallas Texas based Metalcore merchants Descent re-released in Europe by WormHoleDeath Records, “Far From Glory” marks the resurrection of a band of brothers which actually begin in 2002. Re-amped, mixed and mastered by Skull Tone Studios Producer Nino Helfrich in Germany, the bands debut EP was recorded by the four piece

NEWS: Resin Tomb plug the leak?

Australian death-grind outfit Resin Tomb, featuring members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent, Consumed and Snorlax, have just released another track from their forthcoming debut album “Cerebral Purgatory“, which is set to be released on 19th January 2024 via Transcending Obscurity Records. Titled “Purge Fluid” it follows “Human Confetti” and “Dysphoria” out of hell’s gate with

Bootleg: “Overlord” from Moon Reaper!

During their set at The Exchange in Bristol as part of the Metal 2 The Masses competition for a chance to play the New Blood stage of Bloodstock Open Air Festival this summer Moon Reaper did the unthinkable and played a previously unreleased song. Titled “Overlord“, the cut has now been shared from that very

Playthrough: “Vile Veneration” from Hadal Maw!

Melbourne Australia based Death Metal heavyweights Hadal Maw introduced two new recruits in Liam Weedall of Dyssidia and Jarrod Sorbian of Départe with their new EP “Oblique Order” and let the former out on day release for a drum playthrough video for pre-release single “Vile Veneration” shot and edited by Ian Ritter. They have also announced

Playthrough: “Godeater” from Moon Reaper!

Some 5 months after they released the music video for it, Bristol Doom, Black, Death, Groove, Post, Sludge and Hardcore act Moon Reaper have shared a vocal one take playthrough video with 7 string guitarist and vocalist Morgan Cradick tearing down the walls of “Godeater“. In November they announced the amicable departure of their drummer