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NEWS: Deathsquad premier “Gravedigger”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Kevin Petersen of Acranius, our favourite Kazan Russia Beatdown act Deathsquad are streaming new song “Gravedigger“. The track joins covers of “Here Comes The Pain” by Slayer and “Brick In Yo Face” by Stitches on the bands latest EP “Gravedigger” which dropped on 11th August. You can snap it up over

NEWS: Deathsquad out to “Kill Love”!

Kazan, Russian Beatdown Downtemp Deathcore crew Deathsquad may have released a 3 track single by the name of “Disaster” which includes a ripper of a cover of “Tear It Down” by Hatebreed not that long ago, but for the second time in recent weeks they’ve returned to their 2018 full length “Stay One” for a

Review: “Disaster” EP by Deathsquad

Kazan Russian Beatdown Deathcore act Deathsquad are no strangers to a cover song with Words Of Concrete, Cunthunt777 and I.E.D. all having tracks reworked in the bands uncompromising style. Dropping 4 singles between December 2016 and their debut full length album “Stay One” in January 2018 demonstrates their upward trajectory and without wishing to lose

NEWS: Deathsquad have absolutely “No Respect”!

Kazan, Russian Beatdown Deathcore collective Deathsquad may have released an EP by the name “Disaster” in April 2020 that features a killer cover of “Tear It Down” by Hatebreed, but they’ve returned to their 2018 full length “Stay One” for a music video for their brutal track “No Respect“. If you’re not familiar, you can