Review: “Disaster” EP by Deathsquad

Kazan Russian Beatdown Deathcore act Deathsquad are no strangers to a cover song with Words Of Concrete, Cunthunt777 and I.E.D. all having tracks reworked in the bands uncompromising style. Dropping 4 singles between December 2016 and their debut full length album “Stay One” in January 2018 demonstrates their upward trajectory and without wishing to lose momentum, a pair of covers appeared in December 2019 before this little number which contains two of it’s very own. But try telling vocalist Alexey Morozov, drummer Artem Mustafin, guitarists Usoof Sabirov and Alexey Romashin and last but not least bassist Anton Mazilnikov that they can’t put their own Downtempo wrath, Deathcore rage, Beatdown groove or Slamming evil take on someone else’s song and they’ll tell you where you can take your opinion.

Crossing German and Russian lyrics on original cut “Disaster” as Alexey Morozov goes toe to toe with guest vocalist Daniel Gun is impressive enough but what they do here something else entirely. Raging through like your typical high grade C4 Beatdown Deathcore track for the opening half with downtempo moments and bass drops before erupting like a volcano into a verse from German Daniel Gun over some programmed beats and then cutting back into some Slam is such a ferocious mix of hostilities it’s incredible. Not forgetting the mic drop before  a downtempo blunt force trauma that closes the track and you have something to rival the likes of Lashing Out. Deathsquad are a powerhouse act who have fun with their sound throughout before diving into “Six Feet Deep“. The track is a cover of one inked by UK Hardcore scene veterans of 20 years Six Ft. Ditch, who formed in 2000 from the ashes of Bogmonsta and hail from Portsmouth. Taking a Hardcore track and arming it to the teeth with Deathcore tones is like putting a knuckle duster on it and shoving it back into the ring for another round. Deathsquad are a prize fighter and then win the bout at a canter. The same can be said of their version of “Tear It Down” by Hatebreed, which is given a Deathcore makeover, a choice tempo shift and some blood spit-tingly venous vocals from Morozov who can reach any low he chooses with consummate ease. The Downtempo crush closing is so low and slow, you might think tanks have rolled up in your neighborhood [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Disaster (ft. Daniel Gun)
  2. Six Feet Deep (Six Ft. Ditch Cover)
  3. Tear It Down (Hatebreed Cover)

Disaster” by Deathsquad is out now via Bloody Hands Records and available over at bandcamp

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