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Interview: Beartooth Disc Dive!

But not just a Beartooth Disc Dive. This freshly released interview sees Demon Hunter manager Ryan Downey talk to his friend and Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo about his entire portfolio to date including his time in Attack Attack, while getting into how he got into the production side as well. It is also filmed in

Bootleg: “Disease” from Beartooth!

Once again back at London’s iconic Roundhouse, Beartooth have continued their re-live at home series with the title track of their third studio record “Disease“. Frontman Caleb Shomo has focused on the band in recent years, despite proving his worth as records by Sylar, Tear Out The Heart and Bury Tomorrow in the production, mixing

Bootleg: “The Lines” from Beartooth!

The next installment of the “Re-Live at Home” series from Beartooth sees the band performing “The Lines” at the iconic London Roundhouse. The series has already delivered “Sick Of Me” and “Manipulation” from the bands European tour trek in support of current album “Disease”, with more said to be on the way…

Bootleg: “Manipulation” from Beartooth!

Back in Oberhausen Germany, this week Beartooth have unveiled “Manipulation” from their Red Bull Records long player “Disease” live from their headlining European Tour trek. The song is the second in their Re-Live at home series which will no doubt continue after lockdown is over and until they can resurrect touring activities once more.

Bootleg: “Sick Of Me” from Beartooth!

On the subject of Beartooth, they’ve returned to Oberhausen for a live performance of “Sick Of Me” which comes with the promise of more of the same in a series called “Re:Live At Home“. The song was captured on their “Disease” headlining run across Europe, which had some impressive audiences.

Documentary: The Disease Tour 2020 Part #3 from Beartooth!

Guitarist Zach Hudson is the subject of part #3 of ongoing “The Disease Tour” 2020 documentary from Beartooth. Not only to do we get a rig rundown and a recap of their Wiesbaden Germany show but Hudons goes and eats a Scorpion! They have been working on a new album so we’re expecting that to

Documentary: Beartooth writing LP #4 Episode #2!

After part one of their new documentary series saw them talk about writing their fourth studio album while still on the road with current release “Disease“, part two sees Beartooth drummer Connor Denis fill us in on a tire explosion in the Swiss Alps and give us a tour rig run down among a whole

Documentary: Beartooth writing LP #4 Episode #1!

The first of a new documentary series from Beartooth sees them begin writing album #4 as they travel from Essen through to Stuttgart in Germany before heading out to Vienna Austria on tour. It seems that Caleb Shomo and company want to waste no time and capitalise on the success of “Disease“, striking while the

Documentary: Beartooth: The Blackbird Sessions

Are we the only ones who think that Beartooth recording and releasing an EP of reimagined acoustic songs with a country twist isn’t that great a surprise? Issues did it to name but one and we suspect that before too long Wage War will follow suit. So here is the making of featurette about “The

NEWS: Beartooth get “Clever” with County?

So Beartooth have decided not only to do an acoustic EP but to countrify a set of their songs in the process. 13th September will see Red Bull Records deliver “The Blackbird Sessions” with single “Clever” streaming now. It’s more interesting than a remix album, right?