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Review: “Divine Recalibration” by Sleepsculptor

The story goes that after three years at the grindstone, line up changes threatened to see an end to Sleepsculptor by poison, noose or knife. The Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania-based group, who originally formed in 2018, then decided to take a leap of faith and post on social media about host virtual vocalist auditions and despite

NEWS: Sleepsculptor drop “Plaster Saint”!

Described as “a whirlwind of chaotic guitars that bumble like insects and rhythms that provide a shock to the senses” before vocalist Florent Curatola trades off with guest vocalist Cameron McBride (Methwitch), “Plaster Saint” is the latest track to be premiered by Sleepsculptor. It is of course set to appear on their Matt Guglielmo (Cryptodira, Spite,

NEWS: Sleepsculptor continue to search for the divine?

Three times a charm they say and with that in mind a third pre-release cut “Panacea” from the upcoming Sleepsculptor album “Divine Recalibration” is now streaming ahead of the 28th April release of the album via Silent Pendulum Records. The story goes that the band, who are based in Pennsylvania only met their new vocalist

NEWS: Sleepsculptor plan the exchange…

Recorded with producer Matt Guglielmo (Cryptodira, Spite, Seeyouspacecowboy) Experimental Metalcore act Sleepsculptor have lined up concept album “Divine Recalibration” for 28th April Silent Pendulum Records. The second single from that is “An Equivalent Exchange” and with fifteen cuts in total including a guest appearance from Cameron McBride of Methwitch fame it looks like there will

NEWS: Sleepsculptor pave the way with “Venerate”!

Featuring guest appearances from Cameron McBride of Methwitch and Chad Kapper of A Dark Orbit, Frontierer, Ninetrigger and When Knives Go Skyward fame, Sleepsculptor are an Experimental Metalcore band with their eyes on bringing their blend of sonic oblivion to the World on 28th April via Silent Pendulum Records. That will be when their album