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NEWS: Periphery create inception once more…

Seven days before the arrival of “Djent Is Not A Genre” from DJent pioneers Periphery via the bands own 3DOT Recordings label they will hit the road with Underoath and Loathe for a month of North American shows. The band have premiered a new cut in “Atropos” while making available for pre-order a couple of

Playthrough: “Zagreus” from Periphery!

Far from the traditional playthrough video on which you maybe able to pause, jot down and learn the notes, chords and finger positions to play the actual song, Periphery have chosen to give us what is essentially a guitar performance video directed by Ekaterina Gorbacheva for “Zagreus“. It is of course a new cut from

NEWS: For Periphery, DJent isn’t even a thang…

Seemingly admitting to their crimes against humanity Periphery have chosen to title their upcoming new album “Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre” before setting a release date of 10th March for it via their very own label 3DOT Recordings. That news comes with not only an obligatory music video, this time for a new