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Throwback: “The End Complete” by Obituary!

It’s that time of the week again. Another stroll down memory lane and as it happens, the celebration of another album from the Golden Age of Roadrunner Records. Trademark patent pending. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it’s true, back in the 90’s if you were in a record store and

NEWS: Obituary are barely alive…

Just when you thought that as an album “Dying Of Everything” didn’t have anything left to give, Obituary have shared a music video for “Barely Alive” which was filmed during the bands 2023 UK tour by Natalie Wood of Wondergirl Photo before editing by Frank Huang of Maximum Volume Silence. The legendary American Death Metal act

NEWS: Obituary Vs Pest Control. August.

Tampa Florida Death Metal veterans Obituary have announced and extensive UK and Ireland run for late August, the latest around their first album in five years “Dying of Everything” which is of course out now via Relapse Records. The big surprise is that main support will be from internationally relatively unknown Leeds Crossover Thrash crew

NEWS: Obituary still dying of everything!

Preparing to embark on a month long North American tour, the legendary Obituary have shared a live video for the title track of their new album “Dying of Everything” which is of course out now via Relapse Records. Filmed by Natalie Wood, Donald Tardy and Josh Richardson, this one is also credited with being edited

Interview: Obituary talk “Dying Of Everything” with KnotFest!

Reflections on the final Slayer tour, no doubt recorded before guitarist Kerry King spoke out about the bands retirement happening in his eyes too soon along with thoughts on the bands new album are all part of this interview that John Tardy from Obituary gave to Joshua Toomey at KnotFest. As if you didn’t already

Interview: Obituary talk “Dying Of Everything” with The Metal Tris!

The first interview of the year from The Metal Tris was actually recorded just before the Christmas break with Obituary drummer Donald Tardy joining him to discuss the Death Metal legends upcoming new album “Dying Of Everything“. Topics of conversation include dynamics, song writing, the bands own Redneck studios and the lyrical themes with Relapse

NEWS: Obituary losing the will to live?

There is still time to source yourself a piece of Obituary vinyl for “Dying Of Everything” with a couple of editions still available from Relapse Records here ahead of the records 13th January unveiling. To warn you of that once more with arguably one of the most recognisable guitar tones on the planet, they’ve shared

NEWS: Obituary have the disease…?

After a pair of live albums following 2017’s self titled affair, the return of Tampa Florida Death Metal pioneers Obituary on 13th January with the highly anticipated new album “Dying of Everything” is one that makes the new year worthwhile. Relapse Records have offered us a second single after “The Wrong Time“, in the title

NEWS: It’s the wrong time for Obituary!

Thirteen maybe unlucky for some but for Death Metal legends Obituary that’s the date in January they’ve set for the release of “Dying Of Everything” to appear via Relapse Records. The first taste of the ten track affair recorded at bands own studio for the first time since 2007’s monstrous “Xecutioner’s Return” has arrived alongside