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Under The Influence #85: Catharist on “Colony” by In Flames!

1999 saw the release of the fourth studio record “Colony” from Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metal quintet In Flames, an album which is the first of an eleven year run for what many fans consider the bands classic lineup. Alongside Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates, the Swedes were pioneers in the genre and helped

The Black Map #145: Catharist from St. Andrews!

Only our Black Map feature could take you from Weymouth in Dorset and Accursed Years to St. Andrews in Scotland and Catharist in a single Hulk sized death defying leap. The home of Golf and Scotland’s oldest seat of learning, the University of St Andrews is where they celebrate a decade of destruction since their

Review: “Eternal Ekur” by Catharist

Taking influences from Death, Thrash and Black Metal whilst adding progressive synth elements to formulate their sound, Catharist are a band who like to take their time over their creations and build their music around lyrical concepts painstakingly researched to add a level of complexity and intelligence to their songs. Hailing primarily from St. Andrews