The Black Map #145: Catharist from St. Andrews!

Only our Black Map feature could take you from Weymouth in Dorset and Accursed Years to St. Andrews in Scotland and Catharist in a single Hulk sized death defying leap. The home of Golf and Scotland’s oldest seat of learning, the University of St Andrews is where they celebrate a decade of destruction since their debut 2011 record “When Ancient Gods Return“. Kriss Hart (Vocals), Jim Foote (Guitars, Programming), Allan Young (Bass, Synths, Programming) have gone from strength to strength with their latest release “Eternal Ekur” being a labour of love and several years of work. In between times “The Seance” and “The Occultist” saw the band joined by Ian Wilson who provided additional drums but throughout they have uses well thought out lyrical themes with historical foundations to base their Blackened Thrash burnt offerings upon.

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