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Review: “Exit Wounds” by Tactosa

Back in February 2021 Tampa Florida Deathcore brutes Tactosa released a self titled EP of with one notable exception, sub two minute cuts for those with a short attention span. Like a heavy hitting prize fighter they  combine the one two of a jab followed by a left hook, with piercing vocals and heavy riffs

NEWS: It’s Sad But True for Kingsmen!

Having announced they will be joining Volumes, Varials and UnityTX on a US run in October, Kingsmen have teamed up with Producer Mark Lewis and recorded a cover of “Sad But True” in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of “The Black Album” from Metallica. They spoke to Alicia Atout and Ryan Downey from Knotfest about

Playthrough: “Oppressor” from Kingsmen!

Providence Rhode Island’s Kingsmen released part #1 of a Split Series with fellow SharpTone Records signings Exit Wounds in November. Sticksman Dylan Robertson demonstrated a fair amount of talent on the release and has now laid down this playthrough for one of the EP’s finer cuts “Oppressor”!