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NEWS: Far From Refuge get inspired by Tron…

…for the music video for new single “Neon Sleeper“. The Cambridge based multi award winning ethnic Metal act have been ploughing a furrow since 2016 with last year seeing them reach new heights. The quintet have already hit the stage this year and will once again be competing for the opportunity to reach the New

The Black Map #177: Far From Refuge from Cambridge!

It’s Sunday, which can only mean one thing. Recovering from the excess of the night before with a hot cup of coffee in a hot coffee cup while reading about a band we’ve chosen to spotlight as one of the lesser lights of heaven on the UK Metal Underground scene. So from Aberdeen to Cambridge

NEWS: Far From Refuge sail into crystal cove…

…which just so happens to be the first single from an as yet unnamed and undated album from the Cambridge Progressive Tech-Metallers Far From Refuge, although if the cover art over at bandcamp is anything to go by, it could well be a self titled affair. Running deep on lyrical themes which deal with the

The Black Map #97: Akilla from Cambridge!

Formed in Cambridge in 2017, Melodic Death Metal project Akilla was based on the axis of song writing duo of guitarist Ross Wilson and now ex-guitarist Ryan Slater. After trialing a few individuals the pair settled on bassist and backing vocalist Jonny Dawson and Will ‘Ginge’ Taylor on drums in early 2018 to complete their

Review: “Self Titled” by Far From Refuge

Formed in Cambridge in 2016 and comprising Guitarist/Vocalist Joel Sutherland, Vocalist Suran Jayathilaka, Guitarist Jonathan Graye, Bassist/Vocalist Matt Poskitt and Drummer Ákos Kobela are Far From Refuge. They dropped their first EP back in February, promising a fusion of Metalcore, Progressive Metal and Melodic Death Metal in equally high, possibly lethal doses. The deceptively Melodic