The Black Map #177: Far From Refuge from Cambridge!

It’s Sunday, which can only mean one thing. Recovering from the excess of the night before with a hot cup of coffee in a hot coffee cup while reading about a band we’ve chosen to spotlight as one of the lesser lights of heaven on the UK Metal Underground scene. So from Aberdeen to Cambridge we fly for episode #177 of this weekly saga that we call The Black Map


Blending elements of Metal sub-genres like a Michelin starred Chef blending ingredients in a fine dining restaurant, Cambridge residents Far From Refuge have put their home on the map for the right reasons, despencing with any need to talk about the University or the boat race. Their ingredients of choice aren’t Chili Flakes and Oregano but instead chose to incorporate moments of Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, DJent and Progressive Metal into their nuclear reactor core and in doing so landed themselves a prestigious NMG Award just a few days ago. That rounds off a summer that has not only seen the band return to the stage but also launching new single “Crystal Cove”, their first new cut with drummer Jules Watts on board, who to be fair has big shoes to fill as he replaced Akos Kobela who left his mark on the bands fanbase with previous single “Starseeker“. If you should so happen to be in Northampton on 6th November, they’ll be at The Black Prince with Caliburn and Kinzoko

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