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Throwback: “Box Life” from Pissing Razors!

How is it even possible that “Cast Down the Plague” by Pissing Razors could have reached its 23rd Anniversary already? Time flies when you’re having fun? The El Paso Texas Groove Metal quartet have certainly had their fair share of that. The album was their third, released by German Heavy Metal label Noise Records in

Documentary: A Year In Review with Pissing Razors!

Still in the fields of disbelief, El Paso Texas Groove Metallers Pissing Razors have shared a documentary that reviews the bands 2021 activities accompanied by “Result Of Virtue” from their October released album “Eulogy Death March“. That album is the bands second in two years after “Psycho Punko Groove Metal” as they continue the resurrection

NEWS: Pissing Razors back in the trenches!

The long awaited and highly anticipated new single from El Paso Texas Groove Metallers Pissing Razors has finally surfaced and much to our surprise, they’ve chosen to cover “Wasting Away” by Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed) and Alex Newport’s (Fudge Tunnel) project Nailbomb. Joining the quartet in the fields of disbelief

Throwback: “Fields Of Disbelief” by Pissing Razors!

Some might say that Pissing Razors had their day during their original 1994-2004 stint and there was absolutely no need to reform in 2014. But then reforming and releasing just two tracks and playing a handful of shows in 2190 days might not count. Back in the day the band who were named after original

NEWS: Pissing Razors take a walk through the past…

El Paso Texas Groove Metallers Pissing Razors have gone back to their 1999 album “Cast Down the Plague” for a walk through of pictures from the bands history in tribute to their dearly departed former band mates Danny Contreras and Eric Estrada. The track is entitled “Survival of Time” and is part of a wealth

Bootleg: Pissing Razors archive!

There was a school of thought that said El Paso Texas Groove Metallers Pissing Razors were once again finished having dropped just a pair of new songs in the 6 years since their return from a 14 year hiatus. It seems however that their is in fact life in the old dogs yet with footage