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Interview: Architects on The Downbeat Podcast!

On the eve of their ninth studio record “For Those that Wish To Exist” a small Progressive Metalcore band from Brighton called Architects have allowed bassist Ali Dean to chat with the bands former drum tech and current Stray From The Path sticksman Craig Reynolds. They chat about everything except that including old tours, marathon

NEWS: Misstiq chills out with Architects!

The timing might seem a little intriguing but the lady who turns Deathcore into the Symphonic otherwise known as Misstiq has created a chilled out rendition of “Hollow Crown” by our very own Brighton Progressive Metalcore heroes Architects when they themselves are on the verge of a new album in “For All Those Who Wish

NEWS: Architects get hit by a Meteor?

“For Those Who Wish To Exist” will be appearing in full on 26th February via Epitaph Records and Brighton Progressive Metalcore heroes Architects have chosen to premier another new song in music video form. Entitled “Meteor“, the video is an animated one directed by Jeb Hardwick and Peter Batory with drummer Dan Searle credited with

NEWS: Architects prepare for space with premier of “Meteor”!

A fourth single from arguably the most highly anticipated upcoming new album from Brighton Progressive Metalcore heroes Architects has appeared in streaming form. Following “Animals“, “Black Lungs” and “Dead Butterflies” comes “Meteor” with the album set for 26th February via Epitaph Records with drummer Dan Searle and guitarist Josh Middleton sharing production duties and Periphery

NEWS: Architects chase “Dead Butterflies”!

Complete with footage from their set at The Royal Albert Hall before Christmas, Brighton Progressive Metalcore act Architects have unveiled a video for new track “Dead Butterflies” which aired for the first time that night. The song of course appears on their upcoming new 26th February 2021 Epitaph Records album “For Those That Wish To

Interview: Architects talk “For Those That Wish To Exist”!

Not all that long ago, Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds was the drum tech for Architects. Now bringing us The Downbeat Podcast, Reynolds talks to friend and Architects vocalist Sam Carter about their upcoming new album “For Those That Wish To Exist” and the experience of performing to an empty Royal Albert Hall

NEWS: Architects unveil “Black Lungs”!

It seems we are in for a lot of singles from the forthcoming 26th February 2021 Architects album “‘For Those That Wish To Exist” with a second to follow “Animals” in “Black Lungs” premiering with a music video directed by Jeb Hardwick with 86 days to go before Epitaph Records let us get our greasy

Live Review: Architects at Royal Albert Hall (Live Stream)!

A month ago the surprise release of a new single entitled “Animals” with the news of a new record “For Those That Wish To Exist” set for 26th February 2021 was a much needed and welcome surprise. The tour cycle for “Holy Hell” had seen Architects do a European Arena tour and we had the